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Inpatient Rehab Establishments The Celebs Plump For

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Celebrity Drug and Alcohol Rehab. Fame, fortune and highly publicised addiction battles are part of the celebrity territory. While there is certainly no additional sympathy for them it is interesting to take a glimpse at the type of inpatient rehab establishments the celebs plump for.

What to expect from celebrity rehab establishments:

The facilities on offer at these high-end establishments are akin to what is on offer at a luxury boutique hotel.

Proven drug and alcohol abuse treatment methods are employed for those with dependence problems. Clients also benefit from extended freedom in terms of internet access that allows essential business communication to be carried out. As well as, extra luxuries such as top quality, private accommodation with the finest bed linen, state-of-the-art fitness facilities and gourmet meals. Also, relaxation areas conducive to healing are all on offer.

Three examples of high-profile Celebrity Drug and Alcohol Rehab establishments:

There is a good choice of inpatient rehabilitation establishments for celebrities to choose from. Here are brief details on 3 of them. The first two are both well-established with the third attracting growing interest from this lucrative market:

Promises Treatment Centre:

Promises is located in Malibu and has become a high-profile celebrity drug and alcohol rehab establishment. It has provided treatment for such stars as Ben Affleck, Britany Spears, Diana Ross and Robert Downy Jr.

The treatment offered at this upmarket Oceanside facility is based around holistic healing strategies. Their approach to treating celebrities has rapidly turned it into one of the most popular facilities of its kind in the world. Costs for a one-week stay run at around $9,000 a week.

Betty Ford Clinic:

This long-established celebrity drug and alcohol rehab facility is also located in California and has provided treatment for stars. Stars that include Chevy Chase, Keith Urban and Ozzy Osbourne.

Privacy and proven rehabilitation treatment methods are two reasons it has remained so popular for so long. Costs are slightly more affordable than Promises at around $6,000 for a one week stay.

Passages Rehab Facility:

This celebrity drug and alcohol rehab establishment has not yet gained the same popularity as the above 2 facilities. With extensive amenities on offer it is gradually gaining the recognition it deserves.

Extensive marble flooring complements private rooms with bedroom terraces offering oceanside views, massage rooms, a fully equipped gymnasium, enticing swimming pool and tennis courts. Gourmet meals prepared by professional chefs are just some of the first-rate facilities on offer.

Treatment includes alcohol and drug addiction programs, marriage counselling and family therapy. Stars such as Andy Dick, Stephen Baldwin and David Hasselhoff have all availed of these services with costs for a 30-day stay running at around $40,000.

When money is no object:

Those who are in the fortunate position of being able to afford inpatient rehab facilities that the celebs plump for have a wide choice of luxurious establishments to choose from. Many of these facilities cost far more than the prices indicated above.

While money may be no object in terms of attending such a facility it is not a substitute for healing. This must come from the person themselves and will only be achieved with self-determination and a desire to leave addiction where it belongs; in the past.

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