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Why Thailand Rehab Is Right For You – Part 2

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This is the 2nd and final part on why rehab in Thailand is right for you and why the establishments there continue to attract increasing interest from those in need of addiction treatment.

As described in the 1st article the facilities for rehab in Thailand are:

  • Extremely well established
  • The accommodation ranges from comfortable to luxurious with facilities to match
  • Treatment is based on international standards
  • Internationally certified addiction professionals from western countries deliver this treatment
  • Success rates are on par or better than the international average.
  • Healing is achieved in settings that offer stunning environmental contrasts.

Continuing the explanation of why rehabilitation establishments in the Kingdom are so enticing. Here is a brief description of the treatment methods available followed by two reasons that these inpatient services simply cannot be ignored.

Rehab In Thailand Treatment methods:

Thai rehab establishments employ exactly the same treatment methods as in your country. As well as the addition of some trademarked treatments that have proved very successful.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is globally recognised as being an effective treatment for many addicts and this therapy is available. The same goes for treatment based around the 12-Steps model with options of following the recognized program, modernized and non-religious versions and a version which focuses on spirituality over religion.

Many choosing the latter option experience a spiritual awakening that is thoroughly refreshing and extremely conducive to long-term healing.

The extensive list of treatment methods also includes mindfulness training, dual diagnosis therapy, smart recovery methods and DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy). The list goes on, but suffice to say, whichever type of addiction a client is suffering from there are internationally approved and certified treatment options available.

The added incentives:

For a person to travel overseas to receive addiction treatment they need to be convinced there are strong advantages by doing so.

Here are two important advantages that must be taken into account and that have already convinced many to opt for inpatient treatment in Thailand.

Waiting lists:

Many western rehab establishments have waiting lists for those in need of urgent addiction treatment. This is because there are more men and women in need of addiction treatment than there is space available.

Once an addict has taken the brave decision to seek treatment this is the last thing they need to hear. Being told they will have to wait weeks or possibly months before a place will be available can be a devastating blow.

This news is enough for many to return to using their substance of choice while awaiting a firm date for admittance. If this is the case, the longer the wait, the more entrenched addiction will become.

Establishments offering rehab in Thailand are not under the same constraints in terms of numbers seeking treatment. As such, they are far more immediate and flexible in terms of the client admission process. More often than not a client can choose a treatment start date that suits them.

Rehab In Thailand Costs:

This really is the icing on the cake. In general, the standard prices for treatment are far lower than western countries for the same length of stay. One establishment has gone even further and smashed the price barrier for effective addiction treatment.

This is because the fully committed founders believe that effective addiction treatment should be available to all those in need at prices they can afford.

To this end their standard cost has been reduced by two-thirds and they now charge just $4,995 for a one-month stay.

To cement cost benefits across all Thailand rehab establishments, major personal health insurance policies are also accepted.

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