Celebrity Recovery Coach David Charkham Visits DARA

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David Charkham at DARA Rehab_1We were recently visited by David Charkham, as very well know therapist and recovery coach based in the UK.

He has been in practice since 1989 in both private and public health services. His Recovery Skills workshops, created in 1989 to support clients with substance misuse conditions, have been presented across the UK as well as internationally.

In his role as a recovery coach, he has accompanied many performers on their world and European tours. Most recently, he was the recovery coach to Ozzy Osborne on his Black Sabbath European Tour 2014.

David is also the guest lecturer at the Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies, University of Bath.

Please find his comments after visiting DARA below:
After my recent visit to DARA, having spent several days visiting both centres I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending either of these excellent programmes. Having visited and worked in many treatment programmes on several continents, I have gained a good insight in to the mechanics of successful treatment. DARA ticks all the boxes.

It is a big bonus having two treatment methodology’s for clients. For those not comfortable with the twelve-step method, there is an excellent alternative using the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based approach.

After presenting several workshops and meeting clients, I was able to receive unbiased feedback and observe the treatment process close up.

The experienced staff that I witnessed interacting with clients were supportive, boundaried and compassionate in their approach.

David Charkham at DARA Rehab_2Managed by ex-senior NHS trained staff with multiple years of experience, the completion rates at both centres remain impressive.

With extremely favourable all-inclusive costs, excellent accommodation and catering, clients are able to start their recovery process in a peaceful, tropical setting.

Upon completion, clients are also invited to return five days every year for a renewal free of charge.”

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