Japan Hoping New Drug Can Help Alcoholics Quit Drinking

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Japan explores potential of new drugMakers of a new drug that is being sold in Japan claim it can help alcoholics quit drinking. The drug is called Regtect, and Japan is the latest country to allow its sale.

Regtect is thought to improve the chemical balance in the brain, and reduce a person’s cravings for alcohol. Unlike other drugs that have come and go in the past, this one doesn’t cause unpleasant symptoms when a person drinks; it simply makes them care less about drinking.

No Such Thing as a Magic Pill

The drug is already being sold in dozens of other countries, and many people are hoping that this will finally be the miracle drug that can cure alcoholism once and for all. However, there is no such thing as a quick fix. Recovery from alcoholism cannot happen overnight, and anyone who falsely convinces themselves that sobriety can be an easy journey is setting themselves up for failure. Sobriety is possible, but it takes determination, hard work, and a complete change in lifestyle. It is not something a pill can bring about on its own.

Recovery through Rehab

There are medications that can help some people on their journey to sobriety. Maybe over time doctors will find that Regtect is beneficial to those in treatment for alcoholism. But those who are dependent on alcohol will need to detox in a safe facility, and then go through therapy and counseling to develop the skills necessary to create a sober life. If a person is not willing to put the work into getting sober or to use the tools provided in treatment to live a substance-free life, relapse will be likely.

After rehab has been completed, it is important that an individual stays connected to therapists and support groups, in order to maintain long term recovery. Recovery is not something that can be brought about by a simple pill.


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