Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

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Drug withdrawal symptoms present addicts with a two-pronged fear factor that many find easier to ignore than face up to. Turning their backs on this fear allows them to continue drug abuse and avoid the reality of just how serious their situation really is.

The intensity of these fears will vary from person to person but it will always come wrapped with uncertainty. This uncertainty relates to their need and desire for drugs and how they will possibly cope without them if they commit to addiction treatment. Such a conundrum is the reason behind why so many addicts have false or delayed starts before any true healing process can be put into place.

Here are the two sides of fear that addicts experience and which cause them so much angst.

Fear of withdrawal:

It is totally understandable that fear is a major factor for those who have finally ended their denial relating to just how dependent on drugs they have become. To compound matters this fear comes in two very different forms and it is debatable which is the most daunting.

Fear of going without their substance of choice:

Whatever substance a person is addicted to it will be an integral part of their daily routine. They will have been using for varying lengths of time and it goes without saying that the longer they have been addicted the more attached they have become.

To realise that withdrawal and treatment mean they will not be able to rely on those much needed ‘hits’ is a fear that many do not wish to face. They cannot comprehend how they will possibly get through life without the supportive crutch of drugs. This is the first major reason why so many addicts shy away from seeking much needed treatment.

Fear of the withdrawal process:

The withdrawal process is not a pleasant one. The constant and sustained abuse of drugs affects a person both physically and mentally and if use is suddenly ceased the mind and body react with painful thoughts and feelings. The fear of this pain is also a huge barrier preventing many addicts from kicking their habit.

Withdrawal is manageable:

What addicts need to understand is that while drug withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant they are also manageable. These symptoms will vary in severity and length dependent upon such things as a person’s physical and mental health, the drug they are addicted to and how long they have been addicted, but there are common symptoms that most will experience. These include:

  • Stomach pains
  • Nauseous feelings
  • Vomitting
  • Headaches
  • Hot sweats and cold shivers
  • Aching muscles
  • Rising levels of stress and anxiety
  • Insomnia or uneasy, erratic sleep patterns

Help is on-hand:

Those addicts who have made the brave decision to quit drugs should avail themselves of professional rehabilitation assistance. By doing so they will have qualified staff on hand to explain the procedures and projected timescales involved while also offering reassuring words of advice and re-emphasizing that while drug withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant they are certainly manageable.

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