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Sex Addiction Australia – The recent report in an Australian newspaper of a 36-year old gay man who has been addicted to sex since losing his virginity to a stranger when just 15 years old highlights the fact that sex addiction Australia is a very real problem.

Couple this with the news that the rock star Ozzy Osborne is currently receiving treatment for his obsession with sex and it makes clear what many addiction experts have known for decades: Sex addiction is a very real, compulsive problem that is far more common than many believe.

No laughing matter:

The mention of sex addiction while having a social night out will more often than not produce lewd comments and an expression from those involved to spend just a little time with someone who is addicted to sex.

The sad reality is that those suffering with this very real addiction have problems that are completely opposite to satisfaction and enjoyment.

Defining sex addiction:

This is a medically diagnosed condition where men and women affected have a compulsive urge to perform repeated sexual acts.

Their need is on a similar level to that of alcoholic’s as they continue to drink themselves into oblivion, or drug addicts who constantly chase feelings of that elusive first high of the day.

Sex addiction is a disorder affecting a person’s physical and mental health. The chances of a sufferer being able to maintain a one-on-one relationship are extremely slim and because of the dangerous situations a person is prepared to put themselves in to achieve gratification they are risking assault and possible serious injuries.

Unable to control their behaviour:

Sex addicts are unable to control their behaviour in a similar way to those addicted to drugs are unable to stop using their substance of choice. This is despite the fact they understand the negative consequences such behaviour is causing.

Because of the stigma and embarrassment of such a condition many men and women are far too embarrassed to seek help. Rehabilitation specialists are certain that the problem is much more widespread than many believe and certainly far more common than official statistics show.

One acknowledged trait of a sex addict is to seek out multiple sex partners to satisfy their needs. While this should not necessarily be seen as a serious problem on its own, it is the fact that sex addicts will take things further and go to any lengths to satisfy their urges.

Experts at hiding their addiction:

Sex addicts come from a whole range of backgrounds and can be single, live with a partner or have, what seems on the face of it, a perfectly normal marriage. They become experts at hiding their addiction through embarrassment and a need to keep the truth from others.

Ways in which they maintain their secret include constant but consistent lying and ensuring that their sex schedule is complete by using a variety of different locations and tactics to minimise suspicion.

Stop this sexual merry-go-round:

If you are suffering from sex addiction it is absolutely vital you put hesitation and embarrassment to one side and seek professional rehabilitation assistance. You have a dependence that can lead to serious problems and it will not go away on its own.

This type of addiction must be treated in a different way to other types of addiction due to the fact that a person cannot simply be expected to stop or give up sex, but there is treatment and counselling that will help tremendously in terms of how to control your urges and allow you to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy sexual behaviour

Whether it is sex addiction Australia or sex addiction worldwide the message is the same:

Please do not continue to suffer. Please do not continue to put yourself into danger. Please DO seek professional rehab assistance.

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