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Drunk And Disorderly

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Drinking alcohol is an accepted part of life for millions of men and women the world over. It is appreciated and enjoyed by the majority, but far too many let things get out of hand when they have had one too many and get drunk.

Here are 3 reasons how getting drunk can cause disorder, disaster and detention.

Looking for trouble:

Aggression affects many people who are drunk and disorderly. They become obnoxious, rude and a good percentage are ready for violence at the drop of a hat.

This violence can be between those who have personal grudges, others from out of town or strangers who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Because alcohol affects the way a person thinks and acts, many have a completely reckless attitude and go way over the top.

This violence can wreck bars, cause extensive damage to property and vehicles and hospitalize those on the wrong end of a beating.

It can also cause those involved to be apprehended by the police and face criminal charges of varying severity.

To purposely go looking for trouble when drunk should tell those responsible that it really is time to leave alcohol alone and get a life.

Driving while drunk:

This is such a reckless and irresponsible act that it is astonishing how many men and women commit the offence.

It is not as if ignorance of the laws can be used as an excuse. Drink driving limits are clearly stated and extremely well publicized in all western countries, so those who do get behind the wheel of a vehicle deserve everything they get if apprehended.

Worse still are the greatly increased chances of those driving while drunk either causing or being involved in an accident. Alcohol slows responses, distances become more difficult to judge and road courtesy often goes out of the window.

Injuries and fatalities for those involved in accidents as well as innocent bystanders are tragic and unnecessary. Those who commit this crime will as a minimum receive a driving ban and hefty fine, for more serious incidents a jail sentence awaits.

Relationship issues:

Those people who regularly drink to excess are vastly increasing relationship issues. This can be between them and their partner, family members and quite often supposed friends.

These issues can be blown out of all proportion and rifts formed that fester. Repeat offenders can expect separation and divorce proceedings to eventually follow, family feuds to boil over and friendships to crumble.

Anyone who is regularly the perpetrator of such trouble due to excessive drinking really does need to take a step back and consider the hurt, heartache and worry they are causing others.

Professional help is available:

The bravest decision a person with alcohol problems can make is to seek professional help. It is far easier to get into the habit of regular, heavy drinking and becoming drunk and disorderly than it is to escape from it.

Making a conscious decision to seek assistance from your doctor, local rehab clinic, an inpatient rehab clinic, or going along to one of the meetings organized by a local voluntary association must be seen as extremely positive.

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