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Emotion as a Life Force

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Emotions in Recovery – Addiction and drug use are often difficult for those who do not use to understand. It seems odd to give up everything to use a substance that can ultimately end your life. For addicts the drug of choice is often just an answer that became a problem. Many times the addict is dealing with other issues and using is just a way to deal with those issues. While it may not be the best way to deal with problems addiction was at one time a solution that quickly became a problem. This means that addiction is wrought with emotion, even though addicts rarely feel those emotions until the addiction is truly addressed. Your emotions are a life force and without them life becomes unidentifiable.

Emotions in Recovery

Emotions are an invisible life force that drive people. Some people are driven by greed, others by love. Some people may not know what drives them. Addicts, when in active addiction are driven by the need to use. This is something that has to change as part of recovery. The change will take time and work as finding a new drive and purpose is difficult. When first entering recovery it may seem that the lack of resources is a hindrance, but this is actually the time when being resourceful will help you achieve your ultimate goal of long term recovery. The resourcefulness can begin by getting to the right emotion which can help you gain psychological strength. Once you are confident and strong in your own mind, you can move forward in other areas.

Psychological Strength

In order to gain this psychological strength you need to be able to answer the following questions for yourself: What am I going to focus on? What does it mean? And what am I going to do? Answering these questions forces the addict to look inside themselves and figure out what is truly important. Each answer will have an emotional connection for the person discovering the answer. These emotions will provide a catalyst to move further into recovery.

The key to using these emotions in recovery lies within the answers. Once someone decides what the focus of life will be without addiction then goals can be set. The goals offer purpose for the individual in recovery. This is not to say that the goals will not change over time or as they are met, but the first focused goal that is set will get things started. The way in which the goal setting and journey begin are the answer to what does it mean. As measurable and attainable steps are set the final question is answered as well.

Your Purpose

Emotions in Recovery – Now that you have the questions, the answers are up to you. Everyone needs a purpose and this purpose will bring about emotions that you must learn to harness, control, and use to meet the goals. Will you accept the challenge that comes with staying clean and sober? Only you can make this choice for yourself. Even if you have ended up in rehab against your will you have the choice of whether to make it work or not. The lesson to take away is that recovery is an emotional experience that will offer you the chance to grow as a person and change your life or stay stuck in a world of emotionless addiction. What will you choose?

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