Facing your Fears in Recovery

Facing your Fears in Recovery

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Facing your Fears in Recovery. Entering into recovery from active addiction can be a stressful and fear filled prospect. The biggest step was made the instance you chose treatment over staying in active addiction. The next steps will be tough, but with hard work and dedication your life can change for the better. One aspect of our lives that addiction seems to take is emotion or at least appropriate emotions. The emotion that often reestablishes itself first is fear.

Fear in recovery is normal.

Addiction did not happen overnight and neither will recovery. Many people fear all the changes that occur physically, mentally, and emotionally. Once we decide to face this fear head on then recovery can continue. The first step in facing this fear is to realize that reality is not something you perceive, but that is created in your mind. This means that the fear is a product of your mind and can be altered. This is a profound lesson in that you now know that no matter what life throws at you, you can deal with it and learn from the experience. How you choose to handle fear can alter the outcome. So the question becomes, how do you handle the fear tat will eventually come to light?

Facing your Fears in Recovery, to handle the fear of and in recovery, first identify it and determine the cause of the actual fear. Are you putting off treatment because of the fear of withdraw? If so, realize that withdraw does occur, but will end. This aspect cannot go on forever. Are you afraid of how many changes will need to be made in your life? Focus on how those changes can make your life better.  Are you afraid of what others will think? Be honest with those around you, it is likely that they are aware of your addiction. If these people cannot be supportive it may be someone who cannot be in your life any longer.

This simply means that letting go of fears is as easy as changing the way you view those fears. There will be situations that cause fear, this is an inevitable part of life and recovery. When those fears come do not make excuses of why you are afraid, approach the fear and deal with it, finding the good in each situation. Each experience we have in life is one that can offer insight to ourselves and life in general. As we learn to face our fears we also learn to create a reality in which we are no longer continually afraid. This allows those in recovery to move forward toward a better life.

Facing Your Fears In Recovery.

Whether you are just considering treatment, starting rehab, or moving toward long term recovery you have the opportunity to create your reality. What will you choose? You have the rest of your life to grow and improve if you make the decision to do so by beating your addiction. So face your fears and create a reality you can take pride in over time. The rest of your life is waiting, stop living in the fear of addiction.

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