Addiction to sex

Characteristics & Illegalities Of Sex Addiction

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Addiction to sex is a very real problem. Many try to hide their obsession with sex. It is something that really must be brought out into the open and attended to with the help of professional counselling. Due to the nature of this problem it is often recommended that a stay as an inpatient at an established rehab facility be taken as this is seen as an ideal way to kick-start healing.

Defining sexual addiction:

This is not an easy thing to do, but, in short, sexual addiction belongs to those who are unable to control their sexual urges. Persistent thoughts of sex affect the working and social lives of sex addicts and makes it a struggle to fulfill normal daily activities. This behaviour leads to difficulties and break-down of relationships and a far poorer quality of life.

Sex addiction is also known as: Nymphomania in females and for men the term is “Satyriasis”.

Sharing some features of substance addiction:

Addiction to sex shares some features related to substance addiction, but in the case of sex a person is addicted to an activity as opposed to alcohol or drugs.

The person concerned has an insatiable desire to fulfill their sexual needs. The deeper these obsessions become the more entrenched the addiction. Similar to those addicted to substances, sex addicts realise their intentions and actions are wrong. But, their need is of far greater consideration than conforming to any of societies norms.

This can lead to problems, a particular one being:

A paraphilic disorder:

This disorder affects a person with recurrent and intensely arousing sexual fantasies, behaviours and urges that may be acceptable to themselves but are distressing or disabling to others. It includes the use of inanimate objects, non-consenting adults or children for sexual pleasure which leaves others involved feeling humiliated or subject to potential harm.

One paraphilic disorder known to all is pedophilia, whereby those affected are sexually aroused at the thought of sex involving minors. Any man or woman with feelings of this sort must seek urgent medical attention before law enforcement seeks them.

Typical behaviour:

Those with sex addiction issues display behaviour that ranges from furtive and secretive to openly-flouting themselves. Examples being:

  • Persistent use of pornography
  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Voyeurism
  • Exhibitionism
  • Participating in extreme acts of lewd sex
  • A complete failure to resist ever-present sexual impulses
  • Multiple sexual affairs – many going on at the same time
  • Constant one-night stands with strangers
  • Practising unsafe sex in unsafe environments – this is a potential double-whammy in terms of sexually transmitted diseases and danger to the person themselves
  • Excessive time spent on cybersex
  • Either visiting or practicing prostitution
Extreme attitudes:

The deeper sex addiction becomes, the more extreme a person’s sexual motives and attitudes will increase. This includes situations such as:

  • The inability to contain their own sexual urges and to respect boundaries of those they are sexually involved with.
  • Their levels of sexual activity lead to a detachment which they find harder to emotionally satisfy
  • Obsessing sexually after others and openly displaying this fact, but quickly moving on to the next obsession
  • Feelings of guilt and shame that although recognized are not acted upon due to the pull of sex
  • An increasing and recurrent need to engage in extreme acts of lewd sex
  • Engaging in excessive sexual behaviour for longer than intended and without boundaries.
Addiction To Sex – Tried but failed to stop:

Those who have tried to control their sexual urges or have tried to cease obsessive sexual behaviour but failed must seek urgent addiction treatment. The longer you leave this much needed treatment, the greater your problems will become.

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