The Facts About Fortnite Addiction

The Facts About Fortnite Addiction

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The Facts About Fortnite Addiction: What is Fortnite

Fortnite is currently the hottest multiplayer game in the world. It has become a viral teenage obsession that is taking over the lives of teenagers in every country. It is a multiplayer game that allows up to 100 people to play against each other. Though created for players age 12 and up, it is popular among all age groups, especially teenagers. The shooter type game requires players to find weapons, build structures, and avoid a destructive storm all the while shooting to kill others. The game is intense and can easily lead to a Fortnite addiction.

Fortnite Addiction Warning Signs

While it is not uncommon to have a video game addiction, it is not as often that it is related to a specific game. However, with the growing popularity of this game it is very easy to grow addicted to the multiplayer game where staying alive is the only option. There are a few warning signs that point to a Fortnite addiction.

Gaming addiction, recognized by the World Health Organization, is characterized by a pattern of persistent and/or recurring gaming behavior that is manifested through impaired control over the game. Furthermore, an increasing priority given to the game, and a continuation or escalation of gaming. In spite of negative consequences. This means that the onset, frequency, context, and intensity of the game have continued or increased over time. Meaning that the game takes priority over responsibilities and daily tasks. Even though negative consequences have come about, the game play continues. The behavior pattern should be of a severe enough intensity that there is impairment in personal, familial, educational, social, or even occupational functioning. The pattern of gaming does not have to be consistent, though it can be. It can be episodic and recurrent. These symptoms and signs must be evident over at 12 months for a diagnosis.

What Will Not Work

If you are concerned your child or family member has a gaming addiction, try to avoid what will be a waste of time. There are a few things that you may have tried or are considering that will not work. Perhaps you have tried removing their gaming console or telling them the ‘friends’ they have online are not real friends. These are typically unsuccessful because they have access to games in other places. Plus they may feel as if you are telling them not to have friends. You may even try telling them that potential is being wasted. But this is seen as a put down, as they feel accomplishment through the game. Instead, talk to your loved one about their game use without getting angry.

Try to work with them to find ways to fill time other than the game and allow natural consequences to be a punishment. This may work for some, but if your gamer is a true addict, then seek real help.

Professional Help

The Facts About Fortnite Addiction

For some gamers, outpatient therapy may be enough to stop gaming. But for others an in-patient facility may be necessary. Places such as DARA can offer a resort style facility that removes the option of gaming while helping your loved one build the tools necessary to reintegrate into life without the game obsession. This is a real addiction, just like someone who uses drugs or alcohol, and real help is needed. Call DARA to get the help that is deserved.

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