Fear and Recovery

Fear and Recovery

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Overcoming Your Fears About Getting Into Recovery.

Fear and Recovery – Many People Avoid Recovery Out Of Fear

Some people avoid the recovery process because they are afraid of what they will learn about themselves if they look within. They worry that if they get to know themselves and delve into their deep and dark places, they will uncover a sleeping monster. This type of thinking is typical of people who have struggled with addiction. 

Most people who become addicted to substances or behaviors didn’t like themselves when they first begin to experiment with the thing they would ultimately become addicted to. They had low self-esteem and often come from abuse, neglect, or dysfunctional families. They sought drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, and other behaviors because they were looking for an escape from themselves.

By the time people get into enough pain and begin to pursue a path of recovery, they REALLY don’t like themselves. This is because of all the wreckage they caused as a result of their addiction. They feel tremendous shame and guilt and don’t want to explore their innermost self because they are afraid they will implode when they realize what they have done. 

Being Afraid of Recovery Is Normal For Addicted People

We want you to know that it is totally normal to feel fear about getting into recovery. People who are addicted usually become accustomed to the lifestyle that accompanies addiction. Although being enslaved to an addiction is a painful experience, after awhile it becomes normal. You know what to expect when you get drunk or high, gamble, have unhealthy sex, watch pornography, shop excessively, or binge eat. It gives you the illusion of control.

Recovery Can Feel Very Uncomfortable At First

When you get into recovery, you feel completely out of control. You are getting acclimated to a new normal. It can feel as if you are free-falling or fumbling your way through the darkness when you stop engaging in addictive behaviors. It is this fear of the unknown that often drives people to return to their addiction. This is because “getting high” is comfortable.

Fear and Recovery
It is true that recovery can be very uncomfortable at first. However; you have to get uncomfortable to get comfortable. You have to start practicing new behaviors while they are uncomfortable until you get comfortable – and YOU WILL get comfortable. The more you exercise good judgment, stay sober, develop healthy habits, and form positive relationships, the better and more comfortable it will feel.

As far as the past goes, you will one day make peace with the mistakes that you have made. You can make amends to the people you have hurt. As you continue to do the next right thing, you will become proud of the new you and be able to look yourself squarely in the eyes. 

In Recovery, There Is Nothing To Fear

Although it might feel scary, there is nothing to fear in recovery. Staying addicted the rest of your life, on the other hand, is definitely something you should be afraid of. Addiction robs you of your freedom, hopes, dreams, time, money, and relationships. Surely you don’t want to walk that path for the rest of your life. 

Get to know yourself and find out who you really are. There is no sleeping monster within you. There is, however; a courageous and fearless part of yourself that has been sleeping. This part of you needs to be awakened. Recovery can do that for you. While you may be apprehensive about getting to know the real you, we think you will be pleasantly surprised when you find out that you are a much more beautiful person than you ever realized.  

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