Preventing Suicide in Addicts

Preventing Suicide – What You Should Know

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This is Part Two of a two-part series on Preventing Suicide

Suicide is Shrouded in Mystery

People end their lives for many different reasons. It may be because of financial stress, difficulties at work, a break-up or divorce, the loss of a child, chronic depression, a mental health disorder, an addiction, or simply because they feel they do not have the necessary tools required to navigate this thing called life.

Many people contemplate suicide for years before they ever go through with it. They may have tried all sorts of different things to ease their own pain but were unsuccessful. Rather than make another attempt at finding happiness, their pain becomes too great and they end their own life. Others commit suicide impulsively because of some life circumstance that seems too overwhelming to overcome.

Whatever the reason someone may have for taking their own life, the truth is we really don’t know what goes through someone’s mind right before they commit suicide. Some people choose to leave a note to explain to the world why they have chosen to leave their life behind. But, even then, their death is still shrouded in mystery. Perhaps if we knew for sure what someone was thinking or feeling before killing themselves, we could put an end to this horrific act once and for all.  

Warning Signs To Look For That May Prevent Suicide 

Preventing Suicide in Addicts

While we still have a lot to learn about the final act of suicide, there are some things we do know. Mental health professionals around the world have created a go-to list as a guide for looking for suicide warning signs. These are not only warning signs you should look out for when you are dealing with other people, you should beware if you start to manifest any of these symptoms.  

Here they are:

  • Extreme, ongoing depression
  • Unexplained and chronic sadness
  • Withdrawal from important supportive relationships
  • No longer caring about things that used to matter
  • No motivation to perform daily tasks
  • The end of self-care (this includes eating and taking a shower)
  • Giving away possessions of value
  • Thinking about suicide
  • Thinking that death is a viable solution to pain
  • No longer paying bills even when the money is available
  • Watching movies or listening to music about suicide
  • Writing goodbye letters

A Step in the Right Direction for Preventing Suicide

When someone is thinking about killing themselves, what they need more than anything else is hope. They need someone to tell them everything is going to be okay. Even when it seems like it is not going to be. They need to be given a reason to live. They need to be told that things will change. (As the old saying goes, “This too shall pass. All things do.”) They also need someone to help them get help because they will not be motivated to get help for themselves. Someone who is thinking about suicide may need professional help or even medication.

If you are thinking about harming yourself – or you know someone who is – contact us at DARA Thailand. We can help.

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