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What can you do about a relapse collapse? This is a valid, nagging thought for those who have taken the very brave step of confronting their drink or drug dependence issues, and who have committed to an inpatient rehab course of treatment and counselling upon return home.

Understandable thoughts about a reality:

Such thoughts are understandable. While a relapse is clearly seen as a setback to long term recovery it should not be something that defeats.

The truth is that many of those who have suffered from drug or alcohol dependence could well suffer a relapse during long term recovery.

While such a stumble is both unwanted and unneeded it should not, and cannot deter that person from redoubling their efforts to maintain a drug or alcohol free future.

Do NOT hide this temporary setback:

Yes, a relapse is regrettable. Yes, you may feel down and deflated after such an incident, but NO, do not hide the fact it has happened from yourself or from your aftercare councillor.

After all, what can you do about a relapse collapse if you try to brush such an incident under the carpet?

It will do you no good whatsoever, equally it will not allow those assisting with long term rehab the chance to discuss, listen and then explain exactly what steps need to be taken to avoid any future relapses.

A common statistic amongst those who do suffer a relapse and then attempt to hide such information from themselves and those assisting is a chilling one.

This fact is that they are very likely to relapse again and again and rapidly slip back into the deadly jaws of addiction.

Those who have abstained for a sustained period and then return to heavy drinking are greatly increasing their prospects of serious health issues, while those who return to reusing drugs are leaving themselves wide open to a fatal overdose.

What can you do about a relapse collapse – Positive steps:

Qualified aftercare counselling and treatment an addict is receiving during long term recovery will offer proven, helpful advice regarding how to overcome a relapse situation.

It will also show how the person in question should look positively at the gains already made. They will make it very clear that these gains have been achieved through hard work, determination and great effort by YOU.

You will be encouraged to remember such excellent progression, and you will be given pointers and guidance that will make one thing very clear.

One such setback does not mean you have to throw all of this dedication out of the window by giving up and continuing the relapse situation.

What can you do about a relapse collapse – Make it a new, determined restart:

It cannot be underestimated just how strong and brave you have been during your recovery.

This relapse may well be seen as a step in the wrong direction, but with advice, counselling and bags of self-determination you will come out of such a situation stronger and with more resolve to finally overcome your drug or alcohol issues for good.

If you have suffered from a relapse, please accept it for what it is. A temporary setback, it is not permanent. You need to be doubly determined to ensure such an occurrence does not resurface again.

We all understand that an ex-drug addict or ex-alcoholic should take each day as it comes, and they should clearly understand that tomorrow is a new day.

With heaps of willpower and an increased desire to stay ‘clean’, thoughts of what can you do about a relapse collapse will recede.

This is because the additional steps learned from such a ‘blip’ in your recovery process will strengthen your resolve. It will also ensure another relapse remains where it belongs; firmly in the distant past.

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