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Coming off drugs or alcohol is no walk in the park. There are many elements to getting and staying clean, but a major obstacle and a topic we will address is; what’s with the fear of withdrawal.

Ignore increased use at your peril:

What starts out as a bit of fun and an occasional drink or drugs binge can quickly turn into a weekly event where you overindulge. From there it is easy to think that a couple of drinks each day or a little ‘toot’ will not do any harm.

In reality it is leading to great harm. Those couple of drinks will turn into a bottle, the little ‘toot’ will become large.

This is because you become dependent upon the lift and feelings given. Once dependency sets in you will not be able to do without that livener, and ensuring you have access to the alcohol or drug of your choice will become an integral part of your life.

Why not just stop?

So, what’s with the fear of withdrawal if you can simply stop this overindulgence when you please? If only!

Were it possible for each of us to simply turn the tap off after a sustained period of drinking and then turn it on when we fancied another session, or we could consume copious amounts of drugs for a while, stop for as long as we felt like it, and then start again at intervals to suit our mood then a lot of addiction specialists would be searching for something to do with their time.

The truth is, this profession is in constant demand, many are overworked and a good proportion of rehab centres in the west are overflowing with those in need of help.

Many have waiting lists that will immediately discourage an addict from marking time and patiently waiting for such help.

No, or minimal waiting lists is just one of many reasons that for those with addiction issues are opting to start their long term rehab recovery at quality overseas rehab establishments.

This ‘dream’ of controlling heavy drinking or constant drug abuse will never become a reality. Once addiction has its all-enveloping grip on you professional rehabilitation is your only way out.

Fear and Denial:

These two issues are exactly what’s with the fear of withdrawal.


Those currently addicted to alcohol or drugs will deny they have a problem. This denial will be regularly reinforced to those closest to them and themselves.

If you are currently in denial then it must be made very clear that such a stance will only get worse. There is no magic wand to help you.

The reality is that deep down you are not fooling those around you and just as importantly you are not fooling yourself.


The fear an addict has is very clearly understood by rehab councilors. They understand how fearful you are of not having access to that much needed bottle or ‘hit’, they understand how scary what’s with the fear of withdrawal. But they also have answers and solutions for you.

Through tried, tested and successful treatment and teaching they will help you understand why such fear is nowhere near as frightening as you think it is.

They will clearly explain the uncomfortable symptoms withdrawal brings, and that this tough, but relatively short period of discomfort will rise, peak and then subside.

Once you are through this trying episode their constant help, care and guidance will then assist you with progression and the ultimate aim of looking forward to a drug or alcohol free future.

Help awaits, do not be ashamed to seek it:

Those currently addicted to drugs or alcohol have a stark choice to make.

They can continue with their current lifestyle and face potentially life-threatening physical and psychological health problems.

They can keep drinking themselves into oblivion, or regularly get so out of it that days simply blur into one and bring with it social isolation. If so heartbreak, angst and the ruination of close relationships will be yours.

The answers to what’s with the fear of withdrawal and everything that surrounds addiction are readily available.

There is NO shame whatsoever in seeking professional addiction help. Indeed it is a very brave thing to do.

Those suffering with addiction need to stand up, be counted and contact a well-established inpatient rehab establishment. By doing so it will be the best decision you have made for a very long time.

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