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Free Apps That Can Help You Quit Drinking – Part 2

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This is the 2nd article giving information on free, downloadable apps that can help efforts to reduce the amount you are drinking, help quit drinking alcohol altogether, or encourage you to stay on the sobriety path if those temptations are starting to overwhelm you.

Sobriety Counter:

Free on Android

Sobriety Counter will certainly brighten up your day. It is loaded with striking icons and vibrant colours that go to gamify the ways in which sobriety can be maintained.

One powerful reason to quit drinking alcohol is to save money and the inviting dashboard displays this clearly. The app also allows you to set a goal with a personal image that culminates in you receiving a deserved treat. The duration timer can be prominently displayed and counts down until you have reached that particular goal.

It offers scientific and medical statistics to help a person understand how they are contributing to health improvements through their non-drinking. This includes information on such things as:

  • Blood Circulation
  • Cell Regeneration
  • Grey Matter
  • Mental Health
  • Risk of Heart Disease
  • Risk of Cancer

Another innovative scientific approach Sobriety Counter offers is via its Memory game.

If the urge is strengthening to have a drink, click on this game and it will keep you occupied for longer than the scientifically proven 3-minute mark where desire and need for a drink are strongest.

‘Rewards’ include 57 badges in total. Each achieved as you progress with your non-drinking strategy. As a badge is received this can instantly be shared with friends in just one click.

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker:

Free on Android

This sobriety app tracks your alcohol consumption and can also be used for dual advantage in terms of being a drinks diary and a calculator. Put the two together and it will help determine your blood alcohol content.

The aim of AlcoDroid is to allow you to be responsible for your alcohol intake and from there change your drinking habits.

As you log the drinks you consume the app estimates your blood alcohol content and plots it on a visual chart. This chart indicates quite clearly when you slip below the legal limit as well as when you climb back to sobriety.

Drinking habits can be monitored via charts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and your consumption statistics given. This allows the user to set targets for their desired alcohol intake and see how they match up to reality. These statistics prominently display what your alcohol intake has been over any timeframe you set.

Added determination:

These apps and others can offer effective encouragement in your efforts to reduce or quit drinking alcohol altogether.

While they will not do it alone they can be another tool in that alcohol-prevention locker. The benefits in terms of improved health, better diet, energy and a “get-up-and do” attitude will be further enhanced by the money that is saved when not spent on alcohol.

Set yourself reward targets. Reaching these in terms of money saved will allow you to treat yourself to something that is thoroughly deserved due to the sterling efforts made and goals achieved.

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