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Free Apps That Can Help You Quit Drinking – Part 1

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Regular drinkers will at certain times feel they would like to either reduce their intake or quit drinking altogether.

This is the 1st of a 2-part article on apps that are free to download on Android and iPhone devices or on both.

Temporary thoughts:

It must be said that these thoughts often surface after a particularly heavy session. Usually when those who have overdone their booze quota are feeling sorry for themselves. That “morning after” feeling is not something to be welcomed, nor are any embarrassing situation caused by too much drink.

These temporary thoughts usually fade and little, if any action is taken, but if you are worried that your drinking is getting out of hand try letting technology help.

Try technology:

As with most things today there are a host of apps awaiting download that can help those with a determined attitude to reduce or quit drinking.

Here are the 2 that are free and surely worth consideration.

Sober Grid:

Free on Android and iPhone:

This app takes sobriety global! Sober Grid has been designed to help those looking to get sober, or who are currently in recovery.

Sober Grid members are a mix of those looking for support, and those offering it.

This mix is highly effective for those in need of advice, support and help. One feature that can be particularly effective is the “Burning Desire” icon.

This allows a user to find sober acquaintances either locally or while they are away from home. The latter option can be particularly useful for those who are working away, on holiday, at an airport or in a particular town or city anywhere in the world.

It offers a news feed where members can post and read sobriety-related experiences. This app majors on tracking your progress and giving peer-support, both of which are vital initial steps on the road to sobriety.


Free on Android and iPhone

This app certainly provides detail. It was created by 2 fathers who wanted an application to keep them motivated while going through recovery. Their intention was to design an attractive app with multiple clocks which kept them and others in their support group connected.

The detail to timing information has certainly been achieved. Nomo breaks down the time you have remained sober to the minute. This means you can track your sobriety down to minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.

Every milestone reached is rewarded with a recovery milestone chip aimed to help you remain motivated while celebrating your achievement.

Money saved can be calculated on the app and you can share your milestone chips on social media. Another useful feature is that your sobriety clock can be shared with an accountability partner. This will then allow them to check-in on you, check how long you have remained alcohol free and comment on your continued progress.

Benefits aplenty:

There are plenty of reasons to reduce or quit drinking altogether. These include feeling physically healthier, mentally more agile, likely weight loss, increased appetite with more desire to eat healthier meals and the potential to achieve considerable financial savings.

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