Helping Others Helps Recovery

Helping Others Helps Recovery

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Helping Others Helps Recovery. Those on the continuous addiction recovery road will benefit from getting involved in helping others. This can be achieved in a variety of different ways. We will look at some of the options open to a recovering addict, but first must point out one very important factor:

Only when the time is right:

While helping others can be extremely therapeutic. It is vital that a recovering addict has their head in the right place before attempting to do so. And, that they do not take on more than they can manage.

Recovering from addiction is a stressful period of a person’s life. This is particularly the case during the early months of recovery. Helping others will help this process but only when a person feels 110% up to it.

Experiences shared, encouragement given:

Sharing experiences and helping those in a less fortunate position than yourself not only encourages those you are assisting. It can give immense encouragement to your own recovery plans.

The struggles experienced when there is no other focus can deepen depression and increase chances of a relapse. By helping others and having other things to occupy your mind it will help turn daily concerns into issues that can be looked at and dealt with in a far more positive way.

Helping others does not need to be substance related:

Offering to become involved with voluntary organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are extremely valid ways of helping others. But, it is important for a recovering addict to understand that help can be given in ways that have nothing whatsoever to do with substance abuse. Indeed, in many cases this can be extremely productive in terms of ongoing recovery.

Helping Others Helps Recovery. Examples of where help can be given include:
  • Visiting those in elderly care facilities – Many elderly people in homes have few visitors. By arranging to spend an hour with a person it can brighten up their day as well as leave you feeling far better inside.
  • Mentoring a child in need This could be a family relative in need of help. Or by joining a voluntary group where you will be involved in classroom or communal activities for children suffering from various mental as well as physical issues.
  • Helping out at an animal shelter – Sadly, there is no shortage of animal shelters that take in strays, abused animals and those that have become unwanted by owners. These shelter’s regularly struggle for funds and helpers so any assistance you can give will be greatly appreciated. This is a real plus if you have a natural affection for animals. This charitable work may even provide you with the perfect pet to have at home.
  • Church assistance – Many people recovering from addiction of any kind find a growing spiritual connection. If you are in this position then helping out at your local church will never go amiss.
  • Community garden projects – This does not need to be limited to garden projects, but any other community projects that interest you. If the outdoors and gardening give you a sense of freedom and being at ease with the world then not only is this therapeutic. It is helping your neighbourhood look far more attractive.Helping Others Helps Recovery. CLICK HERE to get a Free Confidential Rehabilitation Assessment.
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