Illegal Drugs In Hong Kong

Illegal Drugs In Hong Kong

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Illegal Drugs In Hong Kong. Hong Kong Is a Mecca For Illegal Drugs.

Drug Addiction May Be Increasing In Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a zero-tolerance policy for drug possession. Penalties for the possession of drugs are unbelievably harsh. Someone who is found in possession of illegal drugs like marijuana, heroin, or cocaine can face up to seven years in prison.

Nevertheless, illegal drug use continues to be pervasive in this region of China. The National Narcotics Control Commission estimates the total number of drug addicts in Hong Kong could exceed 14 million. Although official agencies are reporting that drug use is on the decline in Hong Kong, treatment experts are saying this is isn’t true and that the problem in actually increasing. The number of people reporting to treatment centers to get help for an addiction is on the rise.

What The Drug Problem Means For Hong Kong

Drug addiction causes problems for the individual, families, and Hong Kong society at large. Here are just a few:

Addiction increases crime rates in Hong Kong. People who have an addiction often need to steal to support their habit. This increases loss of property among unsuspecting victims.

The use of drugs like meth can increase hostility in the user, which can lead to violent crimes like assault.

Substance abuse has been linked to domestic violence. Many who are high on drugs perpetrate violence against family members. 

Drug use leads to a loss in productivity. People who are under the influence of drugs do not perform well at school or work.

Substance use can lead to addiction. Addiction is an all-consuming condition that can cause someone to spiral out of control and reap negative consequences.

Overdose-related deaths increase where addiction is present. Tens of thousands of people in Hong Kong die every year because of an accidental overdose on illegal drugs.

Popular Drugs Used In Hong Kong

Illegal Drugs In Hong KongMethamphetamine’s are a major problem in Hong Kong – so much so that addiction experts are saying the use of this drug (also called ice, speed, or meth) may reach epidemic proportions if it continues. Hundreds of thousands of people in Hong Kong use meth regularly.

Many people in Hong Kong use heroin. It is perhaps the most commonly abused substances in Hong Kong, accounting for as much as 70 percent of all drug use in the area.

Opioids like heroin and legal prescription drugs like Oxycodone and hydrocodone are also pervasive in Hong Kong.

Ketamine is another popular drug abused by Hong Kongers. Ketamine is a tranquilizer given to people who are undergoing a surgical procedure. However; the drug produces a euphoric effect and is a popular way to get high.

Ecstasy, known as a club drug, is particularly popular among young people in Hong Kong.

Marijuana, though not as popular in Hong King as many places in the world, is another commonly used illegal substance.

Getting Help For A Drug Problem In Hong Kong

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