we believe in you

We Believe In You

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At DARA Thailand, We Believe In You.

We Believe In You – Recovery Is Possible

At DARA Thailand, we believe in you. We believe that no matter what issue you are wrestling with, you can recover from it. People come to us from all over the world struggling with all kinds of addictions – including gambling, drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex, pornography, and food. We have helped thousands of satisfied clients find freedom from these addictions and we can help you too.

We believe it is important that you know we believe in you. Why? Because by the time most people come to us for treatment services, they no longer believe in themselves. This is a painful place to be. When you feel as if you cannot trust yourself, you wonder how you can ever get better.

Here at DARA Thailand, we will believe in you until you believe in yourself.

Addiction Causes A Loss Of Trust And Self-Confidence

Usually, people who have an addiction try again and again to give up their habit on their own many times before they seek help. They promise themselves they will never do “it” again – whether the “it” is drugs, gambling, watching pornography, or binge-eating. The problem is, they end up doing “it” once again and they feel totally ashamed of themselves.

Addicted people also make promises to friends and family members that they will change – only to wind up doing “it” again. This causes a loss of trust in important relationships. When the people closest to you are angry and resentful at you because you continue to do the very thing you promised you wouldn’t do, it can cause feelings of guilt and a loss of self-worth. This leads someone with an addictive habit to completely stop believing in themselves – which ultimately perpetuates the addictive cycle.

We Believe In Us And Our Ability To Help You Recover

Not only do we believe in you, we believe in ourselves. We think it is important that you know this too. We have absolute confidence in our team because they are highly trained and skilled behavioral health experts. Also, we implement effective treatment models that bring about a change in thinking and behavior; which results in fulfillment, personal freedom, and a new outlook on life. 

We have seen many people come through our program feeling completely hopeless and defeated. When they first arrive, they don’t believe in themselves and they are skeptical about whether or not we can help them. Nevertheless, when they leave, they have a restored sense of self-confidence and they are hopeful about their future. Those who complete our program go on to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Ready To Believe In Yourself Again?

we believe in youIf you feel trapped in a cycle of addiction, we are here to help. We encourage you to contact us so that you can be assessed by one of our specialists. We will recommend a treatment plan and talk to you about travel plans. DARA Thailand is an affordable luxury rehabilitation facility that welcomes people from around the globe to come and stay with us.

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