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The Increasing Problems Excessive Drinking Brings

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Many people look down their noses at those who regularly use illegal drugs, yet rarely give a second thought to the problems that excessive drinking of alcohol can bring.

Perhaps this is because of its legal status, but whatever the reason, the problems that excessive alcohol intake bring cannot and must not be overlooked.

Increased social problems:

Those who drink to excess will find their social problems increase. Friends will start to shun them due to their boorish nature when drunk, family members will be wary of their moods that can change at the drop of an ice-cube and relationships with a loved one will suffer due to lack of attention or care.

This is because the only thing that is really important to someone dependent upon alcohol is where their next drink is coming from.

Trouble can tend to follow:

Getting involved in arguments or fighting can often be a trait of those who regularly drink too much. The fact of the matter is that they are not fully in control of their senses.

Excessive drinking can lead to them being obnoxious, aggressive or violent for little reason while they are out drinking, and often happens in a cowardly way in terms of domestic violence.

Once back home, arguments can start that will be blown out of all proportion and the aftermath can lead to upset, worry and injury.

Increased health risks:

Regular or excessive drinking builds a tolerance for alcohol. What this means is that a person who drinks regularly needs more of the same on a regular basis simply to achieve the feelings previously experienced.

In many cases a regular, heavy drinker can consume quantities of alcohol that would put those who drink in moderation in serious danger or even kill them.

Some of the unwanted long-term health risks that a heavy drinker, or one who regularly binges are leaving themselves open to include:

  • Serious liver problems – The liver takes the brunt of alcohol consumed. This is because one of its functions is to safely breakdown the toxins it contains. Flooding or overloading the liver on a constant basis will eventually lead to problems that will at best reduce a person’s quality of life and at worst place them in an early grave.
  • Heart disease – The extra pressure a heavy drinker is putting on their heart can lead to a wide variety of heart diseases. Heart attacks being a prime example
  • Strokes – Many heavy drinkers suffer from strokes that can leave them with varying degrees of paralysis. Once again, a person’s quality of life will be adversely affected.
  • Blood pressure issues – Many heavy drinkers suffer from high blood pressure in later years. Others must contend with low blood pressure. This can lead to conditions such as anemia and malnutrition.
If you are struggling with a drinking problem PLEASE do not hide it:

There should be no excuse for trying to hide a problem with alcohol. Shame should not come into it, nor embarrassment.

The fact is that alcohol currently has the better of you and it will continue to do so until you seek much needed professional help and seek treatment for alcoholism.

By quitting denial and asking for help you are making a very brave statement and one that could ultimately save your life.

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