Inpatient Rehab – The Second Part Of Your Recovery Process

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Inpatient Rehab should be considered as the 2nd part of a 3-stage recovery process. While many may see this as being the first stage, let’s explain what comes before such treatment:

Stage 1:

As just mentioned, many addicts feel the first stage of addiction recovery is inpatient or outpatient treatment, but the truth is that the first stage is the hardest, and it is a very brave one.

It is that you admit to yourself that you have developed a drink or drugs habit which has gone well beyond your control.

Here are just 3 of the many signs that point to dependence and addiction:

Using more to achieve the same effect:

Regular users of drugs or alcohol will quickly find that their mind and body builds up a tolerance to their preferred drug of choice. Substances that are particularly addictive include Heroin, Alcohol and Cocaine, this includes its cousin; Crack Cocaine.

When such a tolerance increases your brain demands a constant supply of the drug. Trying to ignore or deny this demand will result in withdrawal symptoms that are very unpleasant. Hence without the help of professional rehabilitation services the strong likelihood is that you will be unable to resist the urge to quickly take another ‘hit’.

The problem here is that taking the same amount of the substance as previously taken will not fully meet the ‘pleasurable’ feeling you are searching for, so a larger ‘hit’ is required to achieve the same high, and thus the vicious circle of increased use and dependence continues.

To break this circle time spent at an inpatient rehab establishment will help by tapering your use. This means you will submit to a gradual reduction of the drug over a carefully monitored period.

Diminished social responsibilities:

Your drug of choice becomes all-consuming. Very little else matters in your life but securing enough of the substance to feed your habit.

Household chores are neglected, you will take more time off work by calling in ‘sick’, and social events will be missed or declined as the substance takes over your life.

Just as importantly, although you realise the damage the substance is doing to yourself, your relationships and your loved ones you simply cannot stop.

Attempting to cease use on your own:

Those with an addiction will at varies stages consider stopping use. Such considerations will include the thought that this can be achieved on your own without the assistance of drug rehab services.

Unfortunately this is far more easily said than done. The substance you are using and its effect on your mind and body have no intention of letting go lightly. You will convince yourself that “just one more hit” is needed, and this conviction will, in the vast majority of cases continue time and again.

Take a very brave step:

If such signs, and there are many others, relate to you the first stage of beating your addiction is to admit to yourself that you have a real problem and that you need specialist help. This should be in the form of consultation and inpatient rehab services.

Make no mistake, admitting to yourself and your loved ones that you have a real substance abuse problem is no easy thing, but by being brave and doing so you have taken a vital step to beating your addiction.

Stage 2:

Once you have taken the first step and faced up to the fact that drugs or alcohol are ruining your life you need to push on quickly. Please understand there is no time like the present as far as beating addiction is concerned.

Many addicts choose to seek help from their medical practitioner, and while this is acknowledged as a very sensible approach it has its pitfalls.

These include the fact that you will not be under constant supervision while reducing use, and that you will be living in the same conditions and environment that helped to develop your habit. Such issues are not conducive in helping you stay away from your substance of choice.

A far more positive and focused choice is to avail yourself of inpatient rehab at an approved and professional establishment. It is very important for addicts to understand that these services do not have to be in their home region or country.

Overseas luxury rehab resorts should be strongly considered. These establishments, particularly in South-East Asia have advantages above and beyond what is often offered in your home country.

Such advantages include idyllic settings that are conducive to your recovery, professionally qualified and caring medical and counselling staff who completely understand your addiction issues, structured treatment that takes a 3-pronged approach to assisting you with recovery which incorporates physical, psychological and spiritual sessions during your stay.

One other major benefit is cost. These rehab abroad establishments are far cheaper than similar operations in your home country, they represent excellent value for money, and in many cases medical insurance can assist with such costs.

Stage 3:

While stage 1 and stage 2 are vital to your recovery prospects, it is extremely important that you reach and continue with stage 3 after your stay as an inpatient rehab guest. This is:


Many addicts overlook the importance of aftercare. While the physical toll substance abuse takes on your body can generally be addressed in a fairly short time scale the psychological effects can take far longer to overcome.

Obviously this depends on the type and amount of substance a user has been abusing. It also depends on the length of time you have been addicted, but in some cases such psychological issues can last for years after an addict has stopped using.

This is why any inpatient rehab stays you undertake must be at establishments that offer flexible and structured aftercare options. Such options will be a joint agreement between the addict and their overseas rehab resort counsellor.

This can take the form of regular Skype contact and monitoring with your overseas counsellor, the use of approved 3rd party aftercare organisations in your own country with regular feedback to you and your counsellor, and re-visits to the luxury rehab resort that will tune up your mind and body.

Such re-visits can be free of charge if the user has maintained the pre-agreed conditions.

Not as easy as A, B, C, but very achievable:

Addiction should not and cannot be sugar-coated. It affects millions of people globally, doing nothing about your addiction will lead to a rapid downward spiral, and trying to kick a habit on your own leaves you with an unnecessary mountain to climb.

But, by following steps 1, 2 and 3 above you are giving yourself the very best chance to overcome your addiction and appreciate what an addiction-free future has to offer.

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