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Rehab abroad for those with alcohol or drug dependence issues is becoming ever more popular. Here are just 5 reasons why:

Out of your normal environment:

Many addicts find that their current environment plays a big part in maintaining and fueling their addiction.

They are in a routine, and that routine involves easy access to their drink or drug of choice, and they are socializing with others who are also subject to similar substance abuse.

This makes it very difficult to avoid temptation even if an addict is trying to come clean with the assistance of their medical practitioner, or as an outpatient at a local rehabilitation centre.

The slightest set-back during such treatment will see the drug addict heading back to their dealer, or an alcoholic reaching for ‘just one more bottle’.

This is not because the addict is weak, it is because their body and mind has built up such a tolerance to their substance of choice that it demands feeding, and if not fed regularly it will let the user know in no uncertain terms in the form of nasty withdrawal symptoms.

The easy option in such circumstances is for the addict to take that well-trodden path back to the readily available source of the substance that first put them in this situation.

Opting for rehab abroad takes an addict out of their normal environment and into a fresh, idyllic setting which is completely geared to putting them at ease in completely new surroundings.

Gone is the easy option of nipping back to their dealer or favourite watering hole.

Gone is the chance of bumping into those you socialize with who share your interest in drugs or alcohol.

Gone is the immediate humdrum existence that many addicts feel contributes heavily to fueling their addiction.

Waiting lists – What waiting lists?

It is a well-known fact that rehabilitation services and inpatient rehab clinics in your home country are struggling under the weight of over-subscription.

Put simply, the amount of people dependent or addicted to drugs and alcohol far outweighs what such establishments can cope with.

The result of this is that when an addict finally admits to themselves that they must seek assistance with their drink or drug issues, they suffer an immediate set-back.

This set-back is that upon contacting in-country inpatient rehabilitation centres, they are told that no immediate assistance can be given, but they can be placed on a waiting list.

Such waiting lists to a drug addict or alcoholic are akin to saying “Don’t stop just yet, you have another xx months before any inpatient treatment can be given”

The longer such treatment is delayed the deeper the addiction will become, and in many cases the less likely an addict is to wait for this much needed treatment.

This is not the case when you opt for rehab abroad. These establishments are not under the same pressure or constraints as in-country rehabilitation centres.

They do not carry the same burden of oversubscription, and in many cases will be able to accept clients within a couple of weeks from first contact.

Such timing is crucial for an addict or alcoholic. If they have taken the brave step and decided it is time to confront their issues, then prompt attention is of the utmost importance.

Professional, committed staff:

The staff at overseas rehab establishments are fully qualified and committed to helping those with addiction issues in the same manner as your in-country professionals, but with the advantage that constant work-load pressure and oversubscription does not affect them in the same way.

They will offer structured, approved and proven techniques in an idyllic setting. This type of setting is fully conducive to giving an addict the best possible chance of getting clean, and just as importantly, staying clean for the long term future.


It is a myth that rehab abroad establishments, or luxury rehab resorts as they are often called, are out of reach in terms of cost for the majority of addicts.

It is very important to understand that such inpatient treatment is nowhere near as expensive as many people assume. Indeed, they are far cheaper than your in-country alternatives.

While this may come as a surprise to many, something else that should also be noted relates to medical insurance policies.

Quality overseas rehabilitation centres are acknowledged as giving valid and approved services that are covered under personal medical policies.

So, if you are an addict, or someone who is trying to help a loved one suffering from addiction problems, please take a long hard look at the services and associated costs of such overseas rehab establishments when considering the best route for inpatient addiction treatment, and where relevant do not forget to contact your medical insurance company to see what inpatient cover is offered.


This is the last point of five we will touch on, but it is very important to understand that it must never be discounted.

Many professionals and recovering addicts place the importance of aftercare in the recovery process as absolutely crucial to its success.

Well respected luxury rehab resorts will offer a varied and flexible choice of aftercare options for each and every client.

These options will be discussed in full with the recovering addict to see which fits their lifestyle most conveniently.

Once all options are understood the client and their overseas in-patient rehab counsellor will agree which aftercare program is the most appropriate.

From there, necessary arrangements for such care will be put in place before the client leaves the establishment, and just as importantly, regular monitoring of progress will be kept up by both sides.

Rehab abroad:

Taking just these 5 advantages for those seeking assistance with their drug or alcohol issues makes the use of such an establishment an eminently sensible one.

Once further research is undertaken it will become very clear that there are many more benefits to be had.

The bottom line here is: The greater the benefits on offer, the greater your chances are of staying clean for the foreseeable future, and after all, that should be every addict’s ultimate goal.

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