Life without Alcohol

Is There Life Without Alcohol?

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Let’s get the answer to this question straight out…. YOU BET THERE IS!

Those whose lives revolve around alcohol really are missing out on a whole variety of things that can be enjoyed and achieved without needing to be constantly topped up.

For starters:

Regular or excessive drinking of alcohol leaves its mark. The morning after “one too many” there are not too many things you really feel like doing (apart from lying in a darkened room hoping to find the remote control that will stop it from spinning!).

If these “morning after’s” become a regular occurrence then less and less will be done and an alcohol dependence could begin to be formed.

Get out into the fresh air:

No matter what time of year it is, you are generally able to get out and about. So, don appropriate clothing, grab a loved one or some good friends and go for a woodland walk. Even if the countryside is a mite too far, there must be a choice of parks in your locality that you can stroll around.

This will not only give you good exercise, it will clear the mind and allow you to have meaningful (or meaningless!) conversations without having to shout over the hubbub of the bar or club you generally frequent.

A great addition to that fresh air:

Agree with whoever is joining you that you will make a picnic. Leave it to the individuals concerned as to what they decide to make and contribute.

The laugh you will have as you spread the blanket and hesitantly open the hamper will be a source of fun conversation throughout this fun-filled al-fresco dining experience.

And do not worry if the weather is not up to your feast, simply take it back home and spread the blanket in the living room. Food fights are optional!

Look for an unusual activity:

Scour the local ads and websites for activities that are new but sound fun. Rock-wall climbing will suit some, ice skating others, maybe there is a traditional public bowling green and if not hunt out the nearest bowling alley.

Assuming your health is up to it, don’t dismiss such sports as badminton or squash. Both will quickly wear you down, but should certainly put some colour in your cheeks.

A theatre outing:

This does not have to be a major production. Check out the amateur dramatic societies that are within travelling distance. The plays they put on are entertaining and can have you doubled-up with laughter at the regular innuendos that are all part of an excellent few hours.

The other ‘feel-good’ factor about supporting such a production is that the proceeds usually go to a local school, college or charity, so you will be safe in the knowledge that your entrance fee is going to a worthy cause.

Talking of worthy causes:

Donate an evening or a few hours each week to helping a local charity of your choice. These organistions are always in need of extra hands.

There is no need to over commit initially, but if you get into it then the pleasure will be all yours. You will also feel far better than those “morning after’s” in the knowledge that you have done your small part for an extremely worthy cause.

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