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Life can be tough once you have completed rehab. There will be days when things go swimmingly, others will feel as if you are drowning.

The importance of staying strong:

Resilience is a key word for those progressing through recovery. There will be knocks and setbacks littering the way. Some may be half-expected, others will jump right out in front of you. This is why it is so important to stay strong and determined as you heal.

Things will get easier as time elapses, but the ups and downs can be far smoother and that much more manageable if you have a varied social circle.

An invaluable part of your support system:

Navigating recovery is a tricky business and there is little doubting that having a healthy social circle will do you the power of good. Friends from a variety of backgrounds, and with differing social skills can do wonders as part of your support system.

It will give options in terms of where to turn if a particular issue arises. Some of the circle will be better at addressing certain things than others. This means you have an all-important tool in your recovery locker: Choice.

You will be able to lean on those who can effectively keep you away from temptation, others to calm you, and those that are effective when reminders of your strengths are needed. This last point is very important when that necessary self-confidence goes missing.

Less time spent thinking about your own concerns:

It is vital that you are mindful and aware of the stresses and challenges that will be encountered throughout recovery, but dwelling on them for too long is not healthy.

By spending time with different sets of friends you will widen your view on things. Topics will be discussed that interest and invigorate.

Feeling far less alone:

During those drink or drug-fuelled days you will have had company all the hours god sends.

Making your way along the path of sobriety can leave you quite lonely. Loneliness is a major reason for relapse and relapse is not something to encourage.

A varied circle of social friends that are dedicated to sobriety can be very inclusive. You will feel part of the group you are with. This togetherness should also put you far more at ease.

Your outlook will improve no end:

Increasing your circle of friends with people who care, who have similar interests and who offer sound camaraderie will do your confidence and outlook on the future the power of good.

Feeling happy is an excellent tonic for strengthening your recovery determination. It should also help increase contentment with the way your progress is going.

Yes, of course there will be bad days, but with good friends on hand the problems or issues you face can be worked out to a positive end.

A solid circle of friends will help you, you will be keen to help them, and it is these partnerships that can form trusted, long lasting bonds that will make recovery that much more manageable.

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