Lights And Music Or Glazed And Spaced Out? – Either Way Beware Of Dependence

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Drug users come in many shapes and forms, outgoing and extrovert, silent and deeply ‘deep’ are just two examples, but what does it do for you? Lights and music or glazed and spaced out?

We will consider the effects certain drugs have on a person, and intersperse this with words of advice relating to the fact that regular and sustained drug use of any kind will leave you in serious need of long term rehab treatment.

Before we get to the differing effects certain drugs can have, let’s consider a question that has no set answer:

Why do so many use substances that are clearly illegal?

It is statistically clear that millions of people across the globe dabble with drugs, even though they know by doing so they are breaking the law of the country they are in.

You will have your own answer, but here are 3 suggestions to set the ball rolling:

Peer Pressure:

Peer pressure is one oft-cited reason. Growing up can be tough, you want to fit in, you want to feel part of the group you hang out with. It therefore follows that if drugs are introduced into this circle that you will feel obliged to ‘have a blast’, ‘take a toot’ or ‘pop a pill’.

Many in their mid to late teens see this as being cool, being ‘in’ and an accepted part of growing up.

One thing is for sure, at this early stage of drug use, lights and music or glazed and spaced out will be a novelty expression you do not yet fully understand.

Thankfully many who try drugs due to peer pressure realise that such a pastime is not for them. As they grow into adulthood an increased knowledge and awareness will reinforce just how dangerous regular drug use is.


Others try different drugs out of curiosity, they will have read about the effects certain substances have on the mind and body, they will have listened first hand to friends or acquaintances who have ‘dropped a bomb’ or snorted a few lines, and are keen to try things for themselves.


While this can be linked to curiosity, it is a more worrying trait. Those wishing to experiment with drugs are not likely to stop at one type of drug, but will cast a wider net in search of the different effects on offer.

Wider exposure increases the possibility of sampling a range of drugs with a higher addiction potential. This can quickly lead to a hunger for more of the same on an increasingly regular basis.

Lights and music or glazed and spaced out – The ‘club’ scene:

Those who lean towards such drugs as ecstasy, cocaine and amphetamines are the ones who enjoy getting high at raves, clubs and raucous house parties. These drugs give energy and colour, along with effects that are increased by loud music and bright lights.

Excessive use can mean a long weekend blurs into one continual drugs binge. Regular and sustained sessions such as this are leaving you wide open to health issues, ‘aftermath’ depression and a desperate desire for more.

Continuing to regularly feed this desire will rapidly find you sitting in the dependence depot. Your baggage will include unwanted physical and psychological health problems, and social issues ranging from job loss to devastating relationship breakdowns.

Lights and music or glazed and spaced out – ‘Man’ it can get heavy!

Those wanting to ‘travel’ with deeper thoughts and feelings and experience what they see as their own personal utopia will opt for drugs from the opioid family such as methadone, opium or heroin.

The latter is by far the most common, it is also one of the most addictive drugs out there. Regular use of such drugs is a fast-track to ruination of health and personal relationships.

In the vast majority of cases the only hope of recovery is a challenging stint at an inpatient rehab centre, assuming a fatal infection or overdose does not get you first.

Don’t be fooled – Regular use of any drug is inviting dependence:

While many people who try drugs quickly understand this is not the way to go, many others get caught in the dependence and addiction trap.

Regular, sustained use is something that can creep up on you. What starts out as an occasional blast, becomes a weekly ritual, this then turns into a ‘need to feed’ on a daily basis.

While certainly not condoning ANY drug use, it would be foolish to ignore the fact that millions have access to, and take advantage of a wide variety of drugs.

If you are one of these, please understand that whether you are in it for lights and music or glazed and spaced out experiences one thing is very clear; regular use of these highly addictive substances is leaving you brutally exposed.

Addiction brings many negatives. Amongst these are serious physical and psychological health issues, torment, heartbreak and a period of your life that will never be forgotten.

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