Hiding Your Drug Abuse? – Think Again

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If you are one of the millions of men or women who currently THINK you are hiding your drug abuse please reflect on the quotation below.

Abraham Lincoln famously stated “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.

So, why do the vast majority of drug users invest a lot of wasted time and effort trying to hide their use from others?


Without a shred of doubt, denial is a major factor in both hiding drug use and attempting to convince yourself that you are in control of your drug use and not the other way around.

It is denial that causes you to lie to others about the amount and regularity of your drug use.

It is denial that stops you from seeking help. Many feel ashamed at their reliance on drugs, many others wrongly think that if they ignore such dependence it will simply ‘get better’

Unfortunately those who think this way are wrong on both counts. Here’s why:

Feeling ashamed:

Hiding your drug abuse is a natural reaction to something that is taking over your life. It is very difficult to admit to yourself, let alone others that drugs have currently got the better of you.

While it may appear contradictory; feeling ashamed is nothing to be ashamed of! Yes, feel shame. Yes, feel regret, but NO do not feel sorry for yourself or wallow in self-pity.

It is vital for those currently dependent upon drugs to face up to the fact, admit they have a serious problem, and to seek professional rehabilitation assistance.

When you take such action it will not be shame you feel, but a positive, uplifting reaction in the knowledge that drug addiction can be beaten.

If I ignore it, my drug problem will go away:

If only that was the case! Many who are currently dependent upon drugs try to fool themselves that they can stop use ‘when they are ready’ or, that if they put such thoughts to the back of their mind, the problem will go away.

The reality is that hiding your drug abuse will NOT make it go away, indeed such actions will only lead to deeper dependence and the traumatic lifestyle that addiction offers.

Rather than ignoring your problem it needs to be faced head on, and this is not something you should do alone. There are caring, professional and fully qualified personnel at drug rehab centres that are there to help you overcome your problems.

Please understand that you are not the first, and will most certainly not be the last to fall into the addiction abyss that constant and increased drug use brings.

Telltale signs that tell others!

Let’s take a look at just some of the major signs that are clear to others even though you think you are successfully hiding your drug abuse. Please rest assured there are many more.

General health and appearance:

Your complexion and general health start to wane. Not only do you feel unhealthy, but your appearance takes a turn for the worse. This is often coupled with a disregard for how you dress and your personal hygiene.

The eyes say it all:

Extra-large or dilated pupils are an instant giveaway to others, and NO, wearing sunglasses while indoors does NOT lower suspicion!

As your habit heightens you will regularly excuse yourself to visit the ‘bathroom’. Once your fix has been taken you then bounce back into the room. Such mood swings along with the fact that one moment you are happy and genial, the next sullen and grumpy only add to the awareness of others.

Avoiding obligations:

Work, appointments and social engagements are regularly missed. This is because you either forget about them, or can’t face up to mixing with people who are ‘straight’. This sign is particularly obvious if in your ‘previous life’ you were a happy, outgoing and sociable person.

Things go missing:

Money or items of value mysteriously disappear when you are around. As this increases it will become apparent to those closest to you just exactly why you need additional money.

Take a very important step backwards:

While hiding your drug abuse fools no one but yourself, it is important to understand that your actions, attitude and state of health impact strongly on those around you. You are causing them anguish, despair, heartbreak and angst.

For those currently in the depths of drug dependence it is vital to take a step backwards, wake up and smell the roses, and realise just exactly what harm you are doing to yourself and those around you.

Once this is clear in your mind you will be able to take the first important steps towards drug rehabilitation and

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