Many Think Drugs Are Cool Until They Can’t Do Without Them

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Dabbling with illegal drugs is seen by many young adults to be the ‘done’ thing, others consider experimenting with a variety of illicit substances as a rite of passage into adulthood.

If only they understood the brutal reality and devastating effects these illegal substances can create it would immediately be apparent just how completely uncool they really are.

Let’s take a look at why many are tempted to try drugs in the first place, why they are so addictive, and how they can leave your life in limbo unless professional rehab services are called upon.

Peer pressure:

The group of friends you hang out with can bring enormous benefits. You will have similar interests, be with people who think along the same lines, have someone to confide in when others do not seem to understand (think parents and teachers!), have fun times together, and build friendships that last a lifetime.

While all of this is extremely positive, there is one negative aspect of this union that comes in the form of peer pressure. There will be times that you feel forced to changed your attitude or behaviour in certain situations. This will be against your better judgement, but will be done out of the need to conform.

The last thing you want is to fall out with them, or feel left out. This means there will be occasions you agree to do or try something that in the normal scheme of things would never have entered your mind.

An example of this is drug experimentation. If one of your group declares they have managed to ‘score’ some illegal drugs and urges the others to share them and sample the experience on offer there is a good chance that several of your group will be ‘up for it’. Even though you are not, you will agree simply to ‘go with the flow’.

The majority will get through this experience without any lasting effects, but there is a chance that others will have unwittingly unlocked a door in their mind. This door strongly associates drug use with pleasurable feelings that need to be repeated.

Your body and mind – A hidden hunger for effects offered:

It is vital to understand just how addictive illegal substances are. You will not realise it beforehand, but your body and mind readily accept the initial ‘highs’ on offer, and once they get a ‘taste’ for these feelings they will hunger for more. Feeding this hunger by popping another pill, snorting a line or smoking whatever is on offer comes at a price:


Your body and mind are extremely quick on the uptake. They like what you are feeding it and will happily accept more. This is not a passive process. Powerful thoughts and feelings will be fuelled by the urge to ‘have another go’.

The more you use, the more you will want and the greater your tolerance becomes. Because of this increased tolerance the body and mind demand more of the same in order to achieve the same high as previously enjoyed.

This never ending, constantly increasing hunger cannot be satisfied. It makes increased and heavier drug use a given.

But surely I can quit whenever I want:

If that were the case life would be a different story, but the millions upon millions of men and women the world over who are now addicted to their drug(s) of choice will tell you a very different story.

You will continually chase previous highs, your thoughts, desire and needs for more become stronger and what was once occasional use will turn into regular use.

Strong, two-pronged resistance:

Trying to cease drug use abruptly will be met with a strong, two-pronged resistance. The body will ache, you will feel rundown, lethargic and have little interest in things that used to please.

Your mind is quick to back these feelings up by strong and ever increasing urges for more and will present you with the obvious, ideal solution; have just one more hit!

By surrendering to this burning desire you will follow it by another and then another. The result is that your inevitable spiral into drug dependence will spins ever faster.

A point where the choice of using drugs or resisting the urges for more will quickly be reached. Once it is, the overriding feelings and thoughts you have lead in one direction only; continued and increased use.

Life is for living – Do NOT be afraid to seek professional assistance:

Whether you are at the early stage of feeling an increased desire to use drugs on a more regular basis, or already feel use has grown out of all proportion it is vital that you do not continue to ignore and deny these feelings.

Completely confidential professional help is available in the form of drug rehabilitation services. You should not hesitate, or be afraid to contact a drug counsellor. Many will already have been through, and successfully kicked a drug habit. They know where you are coming from.

They will offer sound, sensible advice without judgement. They are there to help, they want to help, and will offer solutions and associated treatment. This support coupled with determination and desire will allow you to work towards a future that is drug free and a life that really is worth living.

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