Nine Reasons Why You Should Get Sober


Addicted – If you are struggling with an addiction, you may be wrestling with the idea of giving up the drugs or alcohol. Committing to the recovery lifestyle can be a scary thing. If you’re having a difficult time making the leap, here are nine reasons why you should get sober:

  1. Life is short. You’ve probably already spent at least a couple of years of your life stuck in the same pattern of shame and guilt. Chances are, getting high or drunk stopped being fun a long time ago. Don’t waste any more of your precious time putting your energy into something that will only make you feel wretched.
  1. Addiction is a death sentence. If you’re abusing your body with drugs and alcohol, you are going to die young – it’s a guarantee.
  1. Your body will thank you if you get sober. When you drink mass quantities of alcohol or consume harmful substances like heroin, cocaine, or ice, you are doing damage to your entire body. Your kidneys, liver, stomach, and your brain are taking a beating. When you put down the harmful substances, you improve your health. It’s just that simple.
  1. You will save money. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is an expensive habit. If you quit, you’ll get the opportunity to see more of your hard-earned cash go to work for you.
  1. You will improve the relationships that matter most to you. Your family and friends are worried about you and they have probably already expressed their concern about your addiction problem. When you get sober, you get the blessed opportunity to work on the relationships you have been neglecting or abusing.
  1. You will feel happier. Sure, going through withdrawal is no fun but once you get through the first thirty days of your recovery, things will get better. Addiction makes you depressed, hostile, aggravated, and downright miserable. When you sober up you will experience an elevated mood and you will be much more content.
  1. You will be a better parent (if you have kids). When you are addicted, you are not a good parent. You neglect your children and you don’t serve as a positive role model for them. Being sober allows you to be the mom or dad to want to be for your kids.
  1. You will have more fun and get out and do more. Trapped in the cycle of addiction is no fun at all. You isolate and use drugs in secrecy. You get drunk and pass out. Being sober means you can engage in fun activities like traveling, taking up a new hobby, or going sightseeing in your city. When you’re not spending all of your time pursuing your addiction, you can enjoy life.
  1. You will feel better about yourself. Being addicted can make you feel like a loser. When you’re sober, you have something to feel proud of. You can look yourself in the mirror without seeing the reflection of regret and remorse staring back at you. You can hold your head up high.
With all these reasons to get sober, there is no reason to keep getting drunk or high?

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