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Overseas Drug Rehab Benefits

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Anyone currently dependent upon drugs to help get them through the day must realise that the problem will not disappear on its own.

Indeed, continual denial that professional help is needed will simply send a person deeper into dependence. The more reliant a person become on their drug of choice the more difficult it is to let go.

A Clean Slate – A New environment:

There are several options to consider in terms of seeking drug rehabilitation assistance. These include your health practitioner as well as outpatient and inpatient rehab establishments in your own country.

While any assistance must be seen as a positive step in the right direction, many fail to consider the benefits of choosing a respected overseas rehab establishment to assist them through recovery.

One such country that offers sterling facilities, proven treatment methods and prices that knock those of your own country into a cocked-hat is Thailand.

Why consider overseas treatment:

We have touched on this briefly, but let’s give 7 reasons why this consideration is a must for anyone trying to beat a dependence that is currently ruining their life:

  • Well-established: The number of first class inpatient rehabilitation facilities in Thailand runs into double figures with many years of experience behind them.
  • Stunning locations: Whether your choice is a remote mountain setting, or an idyllic palm-fringed beach, Thailand offers beautiful settings in calm surroundings that are completely conducive to healing.
  • 1st Class accommodation & Facilities: The accommodation on offer is first class. Private, fully self-contained living with personal outdoor space blend perfectly with landscaped gardens, relaxation areas, communal dining sections and leisure facilities that include swimming pools and fitness areas. Many also provide yoga/meditation rooms.
  • Professional/Approved: Staff employed at these first rate facilities are qualified to international standards. They employ healing and treatment techniques that are internationally approved with the added benefit of some trademark treatments. In short, the treatment methods offered at home are yours in Thailand with additional benefits.
  • Individual/Focussed treatment: The fully qualified, committed staff at these luxury rehab resorts are there to ensure a comfortable, successful stay. The counsellors are fully aware that every individual is different and as such will tailor a recovery package specifically with you in mind.
  • Challenging but achievable: Whatever form of dependence treatment a person opts for it must be understood that it will not be an easy route to leave their drug dependence behind, but the methods, techniques and environment offered by professional rehab establishments in Thailand gives each individual an excellent chance of overcoming their issues.
  • Costs: This is surely the icing on the cake. The services and treatment offered for inpatient stay are far lower than those offered in your own country. In some cases a 4-week stay can cost just one-third of what you would pay at home. It must also be remembered that these establishments are approved by major health insurance companies.

Consider overseas treatment closely:

The rehab establishments in Thailand offer benefits galore to those seeking treatment and healing. Please take a close look at what is on offer. Deciding on this location for professional drug rehab assistance may be the best decision you ever make.

Feel free to contact one of our advisers to discuss rehab options with you. 

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