Patrick’s Testimonial


I’ve had a look at your review form and can say that I don’t have much to add except for the usual plaudits of a client who was fully satisfied with the services provided by the entire staff during my stay.  I can’t think of anything critical to highlight or anything more to suggest on top of what you guys are already planning for the program.  I CAN say that [a treatment staff member] was an excellent ‘fit’ for me.  He ‘lead’ me perfectly and challenged me to face what I needed to address to come to grips with my addiction.  That said, I must add that his’s contribution was matched in equal measures by i) insights gained from the other counsellors (the RP sessions were of particular value); and ii) insights gained from sharing experiences with other clients during my stay.

I can also say that I am still quite keen on coming for the ‘refresher’ in maybe 6 months’ time and I would be keen to hear from you as to how that works.  I am sure that my recovery will have progressed to a new phase by then and that I could benefit from some additional ‘wisdom’ which might be appropriate to my circumstances at that time.  I would also love to see how the program has evolved by then!

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