D.B.'s Testimonial


This was an excellent experience overall and I think it has brought changes to my life. Hopefully they will be lasting. I appreciated the good balance between group and individual therapy, and the exercise etc. For me personally I found the restrictions on movement outside the resort to be irksome, but understand that the rules need to apply to all equally. However I think that movement outside should be negotiable for clients in their last week or two – its an important element of preparation for re-entry to normal life. I like the philosophy of DARA and think you have an excellent model.

— D.B.

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Anne -

Anne Lazarakis joined the DARA Rehab team from Sydney, Australia. She writes about addiction and mental health on a global, local and community level. She also relays personal accounts of substance abuse and recovery through the stories of our clients, their families and our own team members.

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