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Positive Options For Addiction Treatment

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Addiction treatment is given in a variety of different ways. It is clearly recognized just how different each individual is and the approach that may work for some is not so successful for others.

What an addict must realise is that it is possible to treat ALL types of addiction successfully. Contrary to the ‘street doctors’ and anything you may have heard there is not an addiction that is untreatable.

This in itself should tell anyone currently struggling with an overwhelming need for their substance of choice that help is available, and that by responding to treatment which is right for them they have every chance of leaving their dependence where it belongs; in the past.

Positive treatment approaches:

Here are some of the treatment methods that have proved to be so successful in treating addiction:

  • Detoxification program: Detoxification is required to focus on the physical side of addiction and to cleanse the addicts body of all addictive substances. Some addicts will go through withdrawal alone, but there are many detoxification programs which offer professional assistance and are the ideal way for an addict to fully prepare themselves for healing. It must be noted that detoxification alone will not resolve addiction. It must be followed by rehabilitation treatment.
  • Inpatient rehab: This is classed as an intensive form of treatment through a residential program where the addict will stay at a rehabilitation establishment for an extended period. A stay generally lasts 1 month but that is certainly not set in stone and can be tailored to meet the addicts needs. It is a fully focused method of treatment where the addict is taken out of their current home environment into one that is comfortable and conducive to healing, but also has rules and a set routine that must be followed.
  • Counselling sessions: Counselling is an integral part of inpatient rehab. It can also be used to help a person overcome their addiction as a standalone treatment method. Intensive one-to-one counselling sessions will help a person work through the issues that led to addiction. Group counselling sessions help in terms of understanding the challenges other recovering addicts face and a realization that you are not alone.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment: Before any addiction treatment begins it is imperative that an addict is fully assessed in order to establish whether they are also suffering from other mental health disorders. If this is the case then treatment for addiction and the associated disorder(s) must be given in tandem. Treating one disorder and not the other will make it extremely difficult for an addict to beat their addiction.
  • Long-term residential care: Some addicts, particularly those who have been addicted for long periods need a longer form of treatment to attain long-term recovery. This can be achieved through residential treatment where long-term healing will be achieved.
  • Aftercare programs: Once initial healing has been completed it is vital that an addict continues treatment through one of the many aftercare programs available. Joining a local voluntary group is another positive way of helping a recovering addict progress to long-term sobriety.

The most effective addiction treatment:

The above methods of addiction treatment are by no means exhaustive, but give an indication of ways in which sobriety can be achieved. The most effective addiction treatments will combine:

  • Medication assistance (where necessary).
  • Psycho-social counselling.
  • Addiction education including relapse prevention strategies.
  • Treatment of any co-occurring psychiatric disorders.
  • Personal and group therapy.
  • Aftercare arrangements.

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