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Why Thailand Rehab Is Right For You – Part 1

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Why Thailand Rehab Is Right For You.

This is the first in a two-part article outlining some of the major reasons that those with addiction issues should strongly consider inpatient rehabilitation treatment in the stunning Kingdom of Thailand.

When an addict finally admits that their chosen substance(s) have totally got the better of them their thoughts turn to rehab treatment and more specifically inpatient rehab treatment.

It is only natural that treatment in your home country should be the first place to consider. Although, more people than ever before are realising that the overseas option of Thailand Rehab is a route to healing that has many benefits.

Here are the first 4 to consider:

Excellent reputation – Extremely well-established:

The reputation of rehab establishments in Thailand is extremely high. The facilities, treatment methods and success rates rank them in the top echelons of addiction treatment. They are admired by other professionals in the field of addiction and praised by clients who have received positive, successful treatment during their spell as an inpatient.

This reputation is certainly not an overnight wonder. The first, and still considered by many to be the premier rehabilitation establishment was opened over two decades ago. Since inception this facility has gone from strength to strength. This position could not have been achieved and maintained without passionate founders whose ethos is effective, caring and affordable rehabilitation treatment for all.

A completely different environment:

It is true that any inpatient rehab establishment will take an addict away from the current sterile environment that in all probability helped fuel their current addiction. Opting for a stay at one of Thailand’s luxury rehab resorts will take you to another level.

The Kingdom offers a huge diversity in terms of settings. There are rehab establishments situated in scenic mountainous locations, others nestled in peaceful hill and countryside areas and an Island location that is truly idyllic.

The importance of a different, refreshing environment cannot be understated. If a person feels relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings this will add momentum to their purpose. They will also be more responsive to treatment.

Facilities that justify overseas treatment:

The inpatient rehab facilities in Thailand match or better those in your home country. They are often referred to as luxury rehab resorts although many do not have luxury price tags to go with that title. The reason for this term is clear when you consider comfortable and private accommodation. Healthy meals prepared using locally grown produce from a country that is quite rightly renowned for its food. Fitness facilities to encourage that daily workout with swimming pools as standard and beautifully tended,  natural outside tropical garden areas in glorious settings. This environment is ideal for reflection and relaxation.

Fully qualified staff:

Staff employed in Thailand Rehab establishments include fully trained addiction counsellors. Also, medical staff who will have experience of working in western rehabilitation centres. All counsellors are fully qualified with exactly the same internationally approved certification as counsellors in your own country.

Further compelling reasons:

We have only just skimmed the surface of why Thailand Rehab establishments are truly worthy of further investigation. In the second and final article of two we will give details of the comprehensive treatment methods on offer.

 We will also reveal two very compelling reasons why Thailand should be your preferred destination for quality rehabilitation treatment.

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