A Recovery Roadmap to Discovering Your Value

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A-Recovery-Roadmap-to-Discovering-Your-ValueRecovery is a life-long journey that fueled by understanding the root of an addiction problem. Recovery also helps you learn coping mechanisms to help enjoy life as a healthy and happy individual.

Many treatment facilities utilize a recovery “roadmap.” A recovery roadmap will have several stages that will help you reach key milestones.

  1. Getting Started
    This first phase can last from the first few days to the first few weeks. This phase involves completing a detoxification program and getting substance abuse treatment, as well as a recommendation for placement in a treatment facility. You will enroll in your chosen program and start your psychosocial therapy meetings.
  2. Early Recovery
    The second phase generally lasts anywhere from six weeks to three months. In phase two, participants learn to change their behaviors. You will begin working on your personal problems and learn how to control personal emotions. At this point, you will also become active in a self-help program, such as the 12 step program.
  3. Recovery Maintenance
    The third phase lasts anywhere from two months to one year. Phase 3 offers benefit from continued participation in outpatient substance abuse treatment sessions. You will be putting your prevention plan into action and learn new coping mechanisms. Phase 3 helps improve on personal issues, educational and career dreams, while you work alongside support groups.
  4. Continued Recovery
    This phase lasts for the rest of your life. If necessary, you will continue to participate in support groups and work on becoming more independent and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The goal in continued recovery is to maintain independence and develop positive interests and new hobbies.

A treatment facility also makes it a priority to personalize programs for each individual by being mindful of their strengths and interests so they are primed for success. Once on a path to successful recovery, you’re empowered to rebuild self-esteem and rediscover your value.

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