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Why Aftercare Must Never Be An Afterthought

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Rehab Aftercare – It cannot be stated too strongly to those who have successfully finished a stint in rehab just how important it is to continue with aftercare treatment and therapy.

Rehab is just the beginning:

Those recovering from addiction have taken 2 major strides.

  • Ended denial: They have quit denial, admitted that their substance of choice currently has the better of them and sought professional assistance.
  • Completed inpatient rehab: They have been through an extended stay as an inpatient at a rehab clinic where their treatment and healing has begun and progressed. Counselling has helped them to understand the root cause of their problems and given them the physical and mental ‘tools’ to help maintain sobriety.

Continuous care required:

While most addicts are fully aware that their challenges do not end with a successful rehab stint, many fail to understand the importance of continued, regular counselling and therapy.

This is known as Rehab Aftercare and it should never be an afterthought.

Here are 3 of the many reasons why aftercare is such a crucial part of the continuous journey of recovery:

Transition from rehab to a home environment:

Remaining sober during your time as an inpatient is relatively easy. This is due to the blanket-ban on substance use and the fact that you have every resource required to help with recovery.

Moving from this protective environment into reality can be a shock to the system. This is one of the major reasons so many recovering addicts relapse during the early stages of recovery.

A key way to avoid negative thoughts and temptations is to fully lean on the rehab aftercare services that should have been arranged before you left rehab.

Please understand that you cannot really have too much aftercare during the initial stages of your homecoming.

Achieving a program for success:

We have already mentioned the huge step taken in accepting and doing something about your addiction. This impetus needs to be maintained, and a solid, sensible, aftercare program can help achieve this.

Aftercare provides a path that can be followed for the long-term future. There will be different branches of this path to travel, such as the one that helps maintain a safe distance between you and your old addiction, and the ones that help you understand, achieve and surpass the goals your purposely set.

The important thing to remember about aftercare is that there are many different flavours and there will certainly be one that is to your liking.

Helping to create a new social network:

Your old social network is likely to be littered with those who continue to use and abuse substances. While this social network needs to be left behind, it is important that some type of social network is established and maintained.

By taking advantage of a comprehensive aftercare programme and availing of the services that best fit your needs means you are opening new social network doors.

New friendships will be formed with those who are also striving to maintain sobriety and these relationships will give added impetus to your determination in maintaining sobriety.

The key to continued sobriety:

Committing to a comprehensive aftercare programme means a recovering addict is committing to a life of sobriety. They are giving themselves the best chance of a future free of substance abuse and the issues it brings.

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