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Residential Treatment at DARA

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People are usually willing to admit that addiction is bad, but few will tell you how nasty addiction can be for an individual. Though everyone experiences addiction differently, if left unchecked addiction will ultimately ruin or take your life. Addiction is often sugar coated by simply stating that it can make you lose your friends and alienate family members, but there is so much more. Addiction robs the user of their free will. The addiction takes over and fun, freedom, happiness, money, and others become second to whatever substance or substances have taken hold. For many addiction creeps into life without warning. A daily drink with dinner may turn into daily drinks and then into needing a drink to function. A single hit of nearly any illegal drug can create a craving that makes all other aspects of life irrelevant. This is the scary side of addiction that no one truly wants to acknowledge or discuss. If you find yourself or a loved one in the grips of this type of addiction, do not lose hope.

There is help. One place that can offer the help necessary to get back to a real and enjoyable life is that of DARA Thailand residential treatment center.

Recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction is possible at DARA. Each DARA facility offers quality services with a range of specialized professionals to meet the needs of each individual client. The goal of DARA residential treatment centers is to offer each client what they need in order to be successfully addiction free and move forward to a healthier lifestyle. The staff at DARA works full time to provide behavioral, drug, and alcohol related counseling and services. The wealth of expertise contained within the staff will be able to offer something for each client. Additionally, the staff are highly qualified to experience the issues that tend to arise when recovering from drugs and alcohol as well as any dual diagnosis that may be discovered while in treatment. It is not unusual for an addict to have related mental health issues that need addressed as well.

A residential addiction rehabilitation program means a person will be living at the center for a short amount of time. This allows a person to focus totally on recovery without the concerns of day to day life in the beginning of recovery. Allowing oneself to be away from triggers and the normal environment of addiction means that healing can begin and strength can be gained to move back into the real world. Recovery must go beyond simply not using of having cravings and into finding joy and peace. DARA residential treatment offers this in the form of fresh air, increased physical wellness, nutritious meals, and emotional well being. This all takes place in a former resort that has been converted to meet the needs of a rehab facility. The beautiful, healing setting could be just what is needed to bring about the clarity that recovery can bring.

So if you or a loved one is ready to take that first step, consider DARA residential treatment as an option to begin your healing journey.

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