Resist The Urge – Don’t Step Onto The Gambling Trapdoor

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Those who fall through the gambling trapdoor will find it one long, hard struggle to clamber out.

We will consider how the betting bug first bites, what the consequences of increased stakes can mean, why trying to quit alone is not generally successful, and one form of assistance that will prevent this disorder from draining you and your complete resources.

What begins as enjoyment can soon turn to heartbreak:

Many of those who begin gambling will initially find the thrill fascinating and enjoyable. This is very often accompanied by a winning spree that encourages them to believe their new pastime offers an easy route to profit.

Whether this be ‘your’ horse passing the winning line with just a head to spare, rolling money into a slot machine and hearing the welcome ‘win’ tones declare your good fortune, or that victory against the banker while playing roulette or blackjack.

Please be assured; whatever form of gambling you choose the odds are stacked very much against you.

Millions of men and women worldwide enjoy an occasional flutter and can take it for what it is; a social occasion based on fun and enjoyment. Unfortunately, there are millions more whose betting slip or ‘chip’ spells doom, gloom and despondency.

Why such a quick turnaround in fortune?

There are several reasons that gambling can rapidly turn your fortunes around. As already mentioned, the odds are against you from the off and the choice you have in terms of gambling opportunities and platforms is immense.

Here are just 2 examples:

If it is horse racing just consider 4 meetings each day with each meeting holding 8 races. (Please rest assured many, many more meetings are held on a daily basis).

Through the eyes of those addicted to gambling this presents 32 ‘opportunities’ to win money in just one day. To wealthy bookmakers and non-gamblers this is quite sensibly seen as 32 ways to lose BIG money.

The second example relates to the tempting world of Casinos. Please do not even think on the amount of spins the roulette wheel takes in a 24-hour period it will make your head spin, or the turn of cards on a blackjack table that are steadfastly doled out to each player in turn.

There is no limit to how often you can place a bet, the only limit is when your pockets and bank balance are empty.

Add to all of this that many countries allow gambling on the internet, and that for those in countries which forbid this form of gambling there are many ways to circumvent such restrictions.

What this means is that there are 24/7/365 opportunities to place as many bets as your finances will allow.

Recoup your losses – place higher stakes:

As gamblers continue to lose their stake, the natural response is to convince themselves that the next ‘punt’ will be a successful one. To this end many place higher stakes on the next ‘certainty’.

The fact is that even if this dead cert. comes up trumps the previous losses will generally eat up any profit made. If it fails to win you are left in a deeper debt situation with no easy way out.

You have an impulse-control disorder:

Those who have seen gambling take over their life are constantly thinking about the next opportunity to claw back some of their previous losses.

Gambling addiction is an impulse-control disorder which is also known as compulsive gambling or gambling disorder. Whatever you wish to call it, in very simple terms it means that a person cannot control the impulse to gamble.

They realise their habit is resulting in negativity from a social and personal relationship point of view but simply cannot stop.

If you are suffering from this highly addictive disorder, there is little doubt you will have tried to control the length of time spent gambling and the amount of money spent on this pursuit.

The very high chances are that you will have failed to do either and returned to your potentially ruinous gambling routine.

This is not because you are weak-willed, selfish or uncaring with regard to the affect your gambling is having on the ones closest to you. It is because you have a clinically diagnosed disorder.

To treat and overcome this disorder you need professional gambling rehab assistance.

Yes, there are successful gamblers:

Yes, there are successful punters out there, but make no mistake, they are few and far between.

If you are not one of the chosen few then professional help from a well-respected rehab establishment is required.

There is absolutely no shame whatsoever in admitting that gambling currently has the better of you.

Indeed, if any shame or blame is to be laid at your gambling disorder door it should be down to the fact that you continue to deny there is a problem.

It is imperative you own up to the fact that gambling has taken over your life and you need professional assistance.

This help will allow you to confront and overcome a highly addictive habit and to get your life back on track via a gambling free lifestyle.

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