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Resort Environment – A Bridge To Addiction Recovery

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There are many reasons why people keep struggling with overcoming substance abuse or addiction. One of these reasons is that many addicts usually remain living in an environment that fosters drug or alcohol use. They keep on experiencing pressure and temptation either from the people in that environment or from the environment itself. This is the most common reason why the likelihood of a relapse or the inability to quit is usually high with drug former or recent drug addicts. After all the various forms of therapy, addicts still find themselves swimming in the swamp of despondency. Could there be a solution to this problem?

It has been found that if you’re removed from your normal environment, you may respond better to your therapy and move faster on your walk to freedom. Thus, for some, it is a wise move to choose a rehab away from the home front, and close to mother nature herself in order to start off on a clean slate.

What is a resort environment?

If you take a casual attitude or approach toward a resort recovery program, it is a sure way to fail at it. Rehab is serious work and as such should be approached with a serious mind. People have varying views about resort recovery facilities. Many view it as though it is an exotic getaway, while some also believe that resort recovery programs are easy and fun. In all actuality, a resort recovery facility could make all the difference between a short life of dependence on alcohol or drugs and a new life. With a healthy, sober outlook.

Why Choose a Resort-Style Recovery Program?

The 2007 National Survey on Drug Use has found out that over 9 percent of Americans over the age of 12 had some kind of drug or alcohol problem, but that less than 15 percent had received treatment for it. This implies that as at 2007, more than 23 million Americans needed treatment for an addiction. Evidently, a large number of people are going without treatment or therapy for what is clearly a life-threatening condition. Resort recovery facilities have come to the rescue and are uniquely well positioned to meet the needs of addicts who are just beginning on their journey to recovery.

Drug users in the throes of addiction rapidly build up resistance to entering treatment. Treatment is commonly perceived as something that will go so wrong. However, if treatment is presented in an obviously pleasant environment, drug addicts will see a restful escape from the pressures of the life that active alcoholics or drug addicts face.

What is a good resort center?

Resort Environment at DARA Rehab Thailand
A good resort environment recovery center has a wonderful atmosphere that is warm and welcoming to new residents. The center should also try their best to relieve the new residents of the anxiety they feel about beginning the rehab process. Many resort centers are set up to handle a range of dependency issues. Although some focus and specialize on just one form of addiction. Only a few facilities are integrated. There is also a limit to contact with visitors to better maintain a being therapeutic environment.

Be sure to ask some questions about the resort recovery facility on the following areas to help you know how suitable and reliable it is for treatment. Some things to look for are:

Program specifics. How strictly do they adhere to the program?

 Accessibility. Will it be possible to receive visitors? At what stage in the program can they receive visitors?

Amenities. Does this resort environment recovery facility have private rooms? Can I play my favorite game?

Duration. What is the maximum stay allowable?

Be sure to ask every question you have in mind before joining the resort environment.  


Every individual is different in his or her addiction and is very different in terms of motivation background, and ability to move toward a life of sobriety. Reach out for the help that is available. If you or someone dear to you has a problem with alcohol or drugs why not contact us today?

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