Tramadol addiction

Tramadol Addiction

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Tramadol Addiction

Addiction does not discriminate between or among people nor does the substance discriminate. While some people start with illegal drugs, many fall into addiction with prescribed medication that then gets out of hand. One such medication is Tramadol. Tramadol is a pain killer that has been on the rise in use and abuse. While there are legitimate uses for Tramadol, it can quickly become a need for the patient. If the doctor then removes the prescription the need to procure the medication in illegal manners may occur. If you are taking, considering taking, or are already suffering from Tramadol Addiction read on as you may be surprised at the staggering abuse rates that have been on the rise the last few years.

It seems that Tramadol has become the new OxyContin even though it was once thought to be the answer to this addiction. In fact, Tramadol was created to counteract the increasing threat of opioid addiction. But the abuse rates of this drug are far above what many predicted. Though many will blame this on ‘pill mill’ doctors, which are a problem. The actual issue is the lack of monitoring and the addict’s desire to get what is needed by any means necessary. Though addiction is a disease, it is a disease in which the person makes choices and those choices have consequences.

Tramadol addictionSo is Tramadol as addictive as OxyContin?

Initially this medication was classified as a non-scheduled drug which meant it was not closely monitored. But with increasing addictions to the medication it has been reclassified. Some studies have shown it to have similar effects to those of oxycodone with an enjoyable ‘high’ at higher doses and a withdrawal period for those who have been using the medication long term. In fact withdrawal symptoms can include anxiety, delusions, paranoia, tinnitus, and hallucinations. Despite the similarities there are important differences. Tramadol acts on serotonin and nor epinephrine parts of the body to contribute to the pain relieving effects. But this means unique withdrawal and side effects not typical of other narcotics. This also means that a Tramadol overdose is more difficult to treat.

As concerns for Tramadol addiction are on the rise the need for rehab centers that treat this type of addiction have also increased. These types of centers are available and willing to help those that seek help. If you have an addiction to Tramadol or any prescription medications then do not be ashamed of needing help. Even though it is likely that the medication was or is needed at one time. An addiction is still very real. If this is a medication that is still needed, than it can be monitored until an alternative prescription or other form of help can be established. Please also note that simply taking yourself off of a medication like Tramadol cold turkey without monitoring can be dangerous to your health and well-being.

DARA Rehab Can Help With Tramadol Addiction.

If you are ready to make the choice to seek help then know it is available to you, simply ask. Do your research and choose a facility that meets your needs and can help put you on the road to healing.

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