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Six Telltale Signs That You Have A Drug Problem

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Do You Have An Addiction To Drugs?

When you have an addiction to drugs, it can be easy to minimize your situation. Denial is a powerful component of the addiction process. It’s the part of yourself telling you that you don’t have a problem, or that you can get it under control any time you want to, or that things really aren’t that bad. Denial can keep you stuck in a repetitive cycle that can blind you to the reality of your situation.

Are you confused about whether you have an addiction to drugs? Here are six telltale signs you have a drug problem:

  1. You spend a lot of time wondering if you have a drug problem. People who aren’t addicted to drugs do not sit around wondering if they are addicted. If you have asked yourself time and time again if you might have a problem with drugs, you probably do.
  1. You use drugs on a regular basis. Some people are able to use drugs socially. They can smoke marijuana or use cocaine at a party and then go on with their lives with no real consequences. If you are using drugs every week or several times a week, it is safe to say that your use of mood or mind-altering substances is out of control.
  1. Your family and friends have expressed concern about your drug use. Although it might feel like people are nagging you and getting on your nerves about your drug use, they are only talking to you about your drug problem because they care. If you didn’t have a problem with drugs, no one would need to tell you they are scared for your well-being when it comes to the drugs you are using.
  1. You spend a lot of money on drugs. If you are spending your hard-earned money on your drug habit, it’s safe to say you might have an addiction. You may not even be sure how much money you have been spending. Denial is tricky like that. Ready to face the truth? Look at your bank statement to see how many times you withdrew cash in a month to buy drugs. This might sober you up quick.
  1. You are obsessed with using drugs. If you think about drugs a lot and are constantly thinking about the next time you can get high, you are probably hooked. For example, you may be at work obsessively looking at the clock to see how long it will be until you get off, so you can go home and get high. Or, you might avoid time with family so you can use your drug of choice.
  1. You get sick if you don’t get high. If you need drugs to function as a human being, you are in trouble. Certain drugs create withdrawal symptoms when you don’t use them and cause you to feel physically ill without them. If you have to use your drug of choice first thing in the morning, you are addicted.

If you are struggling with a drug addiction, we can help. Talk to one of our addiction specialists at DARA to find out what your treatment options are.

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