Teens and Adderall Abuse

Teens and Adderall Abuse

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Teens and Adderall Abuse: What is Adderall?

Teens and Adderall Abuse – Adderall is a prescription drug that is often used to treat ADD and ADHD. It is a potential stimulant. But for those with existing hyperactivity or concentration disorders, this medication can calm the brain and body to allow for concentration. However, Adderall has also become popular among students to use as a stimulant. People who abuse Adderall do so to enhance productivity and alertness. This drug is one that is not used by what may be considered common users. It is most commonly abused by those who are students or young professionals who desire extreme focus and alertness to increase drive and ambition. Even if someone is not a ‘typical’ user, they are a potential addict if abusing Adderall.

Signs of Adderall Abuse

Those who are using Adderall have pretty identifying characteristics. The most common is being overly talkative when they are not normally so. You may also note an unusual excitability paired with social withdrawal and secretive behaviors. A loss of appetite and sleeping for long periods of time after the effects of the drug wear off may occur. Aggression and financial troubles are also common. The financial troubles are typically noticed when using as the person may spend indiscriminately as part of the ‘high’ that is being felt.

Dangers of Adderall

 Many people feel like Adderall is safer because it is prescribed, but this is incorrect. Though Adderall is often prescribed for people with ADHD, including children, it is still a strong stimulant that can have negative and potentially deadly side effects. One of the worst side effects of Adderall is overdose. It can lead to stroke, heart attack, and liver failure very quickly. Mixing Adderall with other substances, like alcohol, heighten the risk of a fatal overdose.

Adderall can also cause brain changes in the brain’s neuro circuitry. Changes that lead to further altered behavior and mental disorders over time. Some Adderall addicts end up committing suicide after long term use. A few Adderall users have tried injecting it in order to achieve a stronger high, this can lead to a faster overdose.

Side Effects of Adderall

Teens and Adderall AbuseAdderall can have nasty side effects for users. These may include convulsions, paranoia, hallucinations, depression, and even irregular heartbeat. Some of this is due to insomnia, as Adderall allows the user to stay up for long periods of time without needing a break or food. Sexual dysfunction is also a common side effect.

Concerns with Teens and Adderall Abuse

Teen and young adult use of Adderall is common in order to deal with the stress and time constraints of studying and busy schedules. Those who abuse Adderall are more likely to also use marijuana, prescription pain relievers, and even cocaine and tranquilizers. To help curb teen use you need to make sure your teen knows how to manage time to complete necessary and desired activities while still getting enough sleep. Teens should also be warned of the dangers of Adderall and the fact that studies show that the use of Adderall does not increase studying ability or intelligence.

If you suspect your teen is already abusing Adderall then seek help. The addiction potential is high, especially when a prescription is not needed for that particular person. While Adderall does have its place for those with ADHD, an addiction can be fatal. DARA rehabilitation centers can help with any type of addiction, including those to prescription medications. Call for information or help if you suspect a problem exists.

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