The Making Of Meth – The Breaking Of You

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Illegal drugs either originate from a plant; think cocaine or heroin, or they are synthetic. This means they are man-made.

One such synthetic chemical is methamphetamine. The finished product gives a wicked high, creates an insatiable appetite for more, and leaves users wide open to some serious health, appearance and addiction issues.

Let’s see how, where and why it is made along some facts that should frighten.

Manufacturing facilities:

Quality control certificates are not a requirement for those opening meth manufacturing facilities, nor is cleanliness or a standard ‘recipe’ to follow.

It should therefore be of no surprise to you that while there are some seriously large meth ‘factories’ around, there are many more smaller hidden laboratories and basement kitchens that take it upon themselves to produce this highly profitable product.

What’s the recipe?

There is an obvious principal behind the necessary ingredients, but the standard formulation is a mix of various forms of amphetamine or derivatives and a host of other chemicals to boost potency.

The bucks you are paying for that ‘big bang’ will often include common cold remedy pills as their basis.

The ‘meth chef’ extracts ingredients from such pills, then needs a dash of this and a pinch of that to increase potency.

As your health and wellbeing is the last thing these mixologists consider they will then combine the base substance with chemicals. Not any old chemicals though, they will use such horrendous things as battery acid, antifreeze and drain cleaner.

Potentially explosive in more ways than one:

As long as you don’t think too long and hard about what is contained in the meth you are buying, what long term damage it is doing to you physically and mentally, and you disregard the extortionate price you are paying against the cost of the actual ingredients contained, then you will get a blasting lift off that gives a very pleasant high.

In many cases the meth chefs producing the finished article are already addicted. The environment they are working in and their constant use of meth means they are often mega-high, uncaringly careless and highly disoriented.

This combination leads to frequent accidents that cause injuries such as severe burns from spillage of boiling liquid and explosions due to unbalanced preparation mixes.

Toxic Waste:

Why should toxic waste concern a regular meth user?  The truth is, it depends upon how close you are to the source of production.

One pound of methamphetamine produced can create five pounds of waste. Anyone exposed to this waste material is wide open to poisoning and associated sickness.

An example of this is that if the toxic chemicals used to produce the finished product are stored in a refrigerator containing food these chemicals will permeate whatever food is present: Eat that food, invite poisoning!

Forget photographic opportunities:

The continued use and slide into meth addiction damages your physical and mental health, it also ruins your looks. A startling example of this is:

Meth Mouth:

Those kind and considered toxic ingredients used to produce meth create unwanted appearance issues for regular users in the form of severe tooth decay.

This condition is commonly referred to as “meth mouth” and is not a pretty sight. The teeth turn black, they stain indelibly and begin to rot.

When dentists realise the extent of damage caused there is often only one option; teeth removal. Many committed meth users find their teeth and gums have been totally destroyed with the roots rotted.

Why is the market flooded with meth?

This is not a difficult one to finish on. Production is relatively easy and the ingredients used are very cheap to purchase. Couple this with the highly addictive nature of meth and it is very easy to understand why the producers and dealers see this drug as an ideal profit vehicle.

Marketing is not required, word of mouth says it all. They also have little worry that regular customers will desert them. Not because their customers will simply stop meth use, it is exactly the opposite, they cannot stop use.

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