The Coke Conundrum – More Problems Than It Is Worth


Cocaine has a glamorous image. It is cool, hip, ‘with it’ and happening. It is also highly addictive. This is clearly shown by the millions of men and women the world over who have suffered untold pain and grief due to their excessive use of the drug.

On top of the world then at the bottom of the barrel:

Regular coke users relate the high to feeling on top of the world, they feel full of confidence, alert, outgoing and their lowered inhibitions often mean that anything and everything goes.

Those that snort the drug will feel the effects fairly quickly with peak effects lasting no more than 30 minutes, those smoking the drug will get an almost instantaneous hit of immense intensity, but one that lasts just 10 minutes.

Such short lived peaks make it easy to see why repeated use is a must for those on the coke trail, but where there is an up you also need to be prepared for a very unwanted down.

The euphoric feelings experienced deliver a nasty retort when a user begins to come down. After a heavy coke session many feel as if they are suffering from flu symptoms. They also feel depressingly low, and anxiety as well as feelings of unease can stay with them for days after their partying is over.

Three major factors to consider:

Apart from the depressing lows experienced when coming down off cocaine there are many others ways that continued use will cause problems.

Its highly addictive qualities will get to you far more quickly than you may imagine. The desire to continually feed your habit will become one you readily accept. This acceptance will lead to trouble in more ways than one.

Here are just 3 to consider:


Cocaine is not cheap. Those setting out on the coke trail may find that buying a gram will last them throughout the night, but once they get into the swing of things and begin regular use they will find that gram disappears all too quickly.

One wrap won’t suffice so larger quantities are purchased. Of course the intention is not to shovel it up your nose too quickly or watch it go up in smoke, but that is exactly what happens.

Put very simply, the more you have, the more you will do. The more you do, the more you will be reaching for the speed dial on your mobile to summon your friendly dealer.

Before you know it a huge chunk of your weekly spend will be going up your nose or worse still, up in smoke.


Coke users have no real need for a timepiece. The hours, days and evenings fly past at a rapid rate of knots. The problem of one day melding into the next is a particularly common experience for those on ‘Charlie’.

Prior commitments made to partners or acceptance to ‘normal’ social events are very often missed, forgotten or avoided altogether as your partying session takes precedence.

While high you will have a locker full of excuses to offer those you have disappointed, but when coming down you will realise the upset caused and these feelings of remorse will simply add to the huge downer you are on.

A particularly heavy weekend can also make that Monday morning work experience one not to be savoured. Of course, if you have a little ‘toot’ left over then a livener for breakfast can seem like a good idea.

Good idea it may seem, good idea it is not! This use of cocaine is a sure sign that dependence is waiting in the wings, and make no mistake, it will welcome you with open arms.


We have left this until last because it is the one you will read and hear about most regularly, but it is vitally important to understand the damage you are bringing upon yourself.

Taking large amounts of cocaine will raise your body temperature, it can bring on convulsions and will crank up the risk of cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks and heart failure.

Constant snorting of cocaine can completely destroy the cartilage separating your nostrils. Many heavy users will end up with an odd-shaped nose and just one very large nostril.

Anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia and depression are all part and parcel of the coke experience that will certainly increase those deepening and damaging feelings of despair.

Cease the coke conundrum:

Looking at the above problems cocaine causes it is hard to justify regular and continued use. If this highly addictive drug has currently got the better of you it is vital you seek professional rehab assistance now to kick your coke conundrum firmly into touch.

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