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Things to Consider About Drug Addiction

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Addiction can cause serious life consequences and affect the lives of those involved tremendously. Here are some questions to consider if you think you may be addicted to drugs:

Do you use drugs for purposes other than for how they were medically prescribed?

If a drug is being used in ways other than the ways it is prescribed, then it is not being used adequately to treat the symptoms and could cause adverse reactions. Furthermore, if you are using drugs outside the realm of it’s recommended methods, you could be at a serious risk for drug dependence.

Do you use more than one drug?

Using more than one drug at once can create a greater nostalgia, but this can also lead to social as well as psychological problems. It can also be very dangerous to use more than one drug at a time to your physical health and your safety. Using more than one drug can also be a sign that you have a serious drug problem and may be harder to stop using drugs in the future.

Can you stop using drugs if you want to?

Most people addicted to drugs try to stop using on their own, but are unable to without seeking additional treatment methods. Many people try multiple times to overcome their drug use before they are successful. Long-term drug usage changes the brain makeup causing it to be tougher to quit despite acknowledging the negative consequences associated with drug use.

Do you feel guilty about using drugs?

The guilt happens after the immense feeling of the drug wears off, but getting high again makes the guilt disappear-until you come back down again. The feeling of guilt is a warning sign for you to seek freedom from your drug use and seek the help you need to stop using drugs.

Have you neglected significant others because of your drug use?

Using drugs can cause an inconsistent pattern of availability, both physically and emotionally, where significant others are concerned. Drug abusers can physically neglect their significant others by not being involved or available when others need them or want them to be involved. Emotional neglect is just as heart breaking to significant others as physical neglect. Often family members become confused on what to expect from the drug abuser because their behavior becomes so erratic and inconsistent.

Does your drug use affect your relationships with significant others?

Drug use and relationships seem to not mix well together. Drug use begins a vast ripple effect throughout the relationships, usually leading to negative outcomes. If your significant others-children, spouse, friends-are unhappy with your drug use, you may have an addiction problem that needs professional help.

Have you ever lost a job because of your drug use?

Lack of productivity, injury on the job, stealing from the company, health issues, legal trouble and calling in sick can all be reasons of job loss due to drug addiction. Drug dependence can cause all of these matters to end in termination of employment. If your drug use is leading to any of these problems and ultimately ended in eliminating you from your job, you drug addiction may be more serious than you previously thought.

Have you ever been involved with illegal activities in order to obtain drugs?

Being involved in any circumstance punishable by law in order to obtain drugs is a serious concern when determining whether or not you have a drug problem. The problems that could ensue as a result of these issues are worth serious consideration when determining if you need to seek treatment for a drug addiction problem.

Do you have medical problems because of your drug use?

There are numerous medical problems that could be experienced due to drug abuse. Brain alteration can occur after prolonged drug use and other medical issues might also be noticeable due to drug abuse, such as heart issues, cancer, or hepatitis. If you are experiencing these topics or other types of medical conditions related to your drug use, professional or medical assistance may be needed in order to help you quit using drugs.

Have you previously sought treatment for drug use?

Relapse is often common among drug abusers. What caused the relapse from prior treatments? Try to figure out what caused you to slip up and how you can get back on the right track. Reach out to others to advise you as well.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you should seek professional guidance in order to better assess if your drug use is beyond your control and allow them to help you find the right regimen to best aid you in overcoming your drug addiction.

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