The Cocaine Express Terminus: Residential Rehab

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It’s an interesting fact that those dabbling with ‘Toot’ truly believe they show no signs of cocaine use.

Perhaps this is down to the confidence this highly addictive drug gives them, perhaps it is because of the energy it offers, or maybe it is associated with the glamour this powder exudes.

Those cocaine users who are of this opinion need to think again or the likelihood is they will end up seeking inpatient rehab treatment.

Let’s try and establish the facts and fiction:

It is just a bit of fun – It can’t be that bad for you:

While ‘lining up’ and snorting a couple of lines will certainly do the trick this drug has a very short half-life and effect.

When you are high cocaine is keeping a steady stream of dopamine in your brain. What this means is it is stopping your brain from naturally producing more because it closes down your dopamine receptors.

As the high begins to wear off the brain naturally craves for the lost dopamine cocaine has given. This craving leads the user to take more and those ‘lines of fun’ are needed more often.

Surely no one can tell I am using cocaine:

Sorry, wrong again! The signs of cocaine use are there for many to see.

A cocaine ’hit’ is instant, but only lasts around an hour. This means that if you are hooked on the drug you will need to disappear on a regular basis to feed your habit. It is a given that others will begin to notice such regular absences.

As mentioned, the effect of cocaine works instantly. This means upon your return you will act far more boisterously, appear excited and have a confidence above your norm. Once again those around you are sure to notice this sudden rise in your spirits.

If you are attempting to hide your cocaine use from a partner you are facing a difficult task. Signs such as a decreased appetite and not wanting to sleep will quickly become obvious. Another indicator in terms of sleep patterns is that when you do sleep you will be so exhausted that you will sleep for extended periods.

Your nose and eyes: The most common way to take cocaine is by snorting it. Continued use will leave you with a running nose. As such use grows expect unexpected nose bleeds! Your pupils will be dilated and you can become overly sensitive to bright lights.

I think I will take a break from cocaine:

This is far easier said than done. What starts out as fun will quickly turn into a dependence and from there addiction will not be far away.

We will look at some of the withdrawal symptoms you will face, but if you are finding your Coke habit is getting out of hand then inpatient rehab services should be seriously considered.

Those who have been using ‘Charlie’ for extended periods will find she does not let go easily. Once you go into withdrawal the signs of cocaine use will quickly become apparent to you and those around you.

Because your brain craves the drug many who try to come off it on their own will suffer from depression and anxiety. They will find it difficult to concentrate, the added energy cocaine gave will be replaced by immense feelings of fatigue, and your need for cocaine will increase.

Such symptoms will lead to increased irritability. This will not be helped due to the fact that physically you will suffer from chills, aches, pains and body shakes.

Don’t try and kick cocaine addiction on your own:

While it is admirable to try and achieve withdrawal without professional drug rehab help you will be putting yourself through a lot more than is necessary.

Luxury rehab establishments are there for a reason, that reason is to help you get through your addiction and to support you with extensive aftercare.

They understand your problem, they are not there to judge, they are there to help you get your life back on track.

This will be achieved with care, consideration and a complete understanding of what the signs of cocaine use are.

Such treatment and the recovery process of coming off cocaine needs to be carried out in an environment that has been established to give you the best chance of kicking that cocaine habit.

As well as a calm and understanding environment you will be counselled by caring staff whose mission is to help you. This will be achieved through psychological, physical and spiritual methods.

Ignoring cocaine addiction will damage your health, wealth and relationships:

Those users who refuse to admit they have a cocaine problem are only fooling themselves. Their mental and physical health will suffer, their habit will become all-consuming, and the cost of feeding such a habit certainly does not come cheaply.

If the police find you in possession of the drug a jail sentence could very well be on the cards, if your employer has random drugs tests as part of your employment contract and you are found to have cocaine in your system then dismissal is a certainty

The sum total of the above is that relationships with those you love will be deeply affected.

Those still in denial should consider the above long and hard before their next ‘line’. They should also be aware that as their dependence on the drug grows signs of cocaine use will be there for all to see.

Is cocaine cool or cruel?

There is little doubt that the positive effects of cocaine are seen by many to be very cool. After all the euphoria, extreme feeling of wellbeing, added confidence and initial enhancement of sexual feelings sound a perfect mix.

The problem is that where there is a very nice high there is always a cruel low. The statistical facts show that cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs out there.

This should tell you very clearly that once you are on the Cocaine Express it is a very difficult train to jump off.

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