Why Opt For Overseas Drug Rehab Treatment?

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Drug rehab is something all addicts consider during various stages of their dependence. The truth is, consideration does nothing. Effective, positive and timely action is the order of the day.

Whatever drug you are addicted to raises several common issues, so let’s take an honest look at the first step, some options open to you, and why a residential stay at an overseas rehab resort could well be the solution to your current problem.

You need to own up…. to YOURSELF!

The first important issue to be addressed is by YOU. Have the drug/s of your choice become all-consuming? Do you feel the most important thing in life is being able to score your next hit? Are relationships beginning to suffer? Is work a daily struggle? Do you feel unable to cope without a toot, tablet or injection?

There are plenty more questions you need to ask yourself, but hopefully the picture is clear. There is a lot of soul searching required on your behalf.

You are aware drugs are destroying you both physically and mentally, that you are hurting those around you in ways you do not even realise, or in ways you care to ignore in your ever increasing quest for that next high.

By admitting to yourself that drug rehab is required you have taken a huge step in the right direction. This step is brave, it is courageous and it must be acted upon quickly.

Why quick and decisive action is needed:

As already mentioned, admitting you have serious drug issues is a very hard thing to do, but once accepted it is something you must act upon quickly. Failure to do so will certainly be a set-back and has the potential of leading you into a deeper drugs spiral with potentially catastrophic effects.

Here are some options in terms of the action you can take to address and help you overcome your drug dependence:

Visit your health practitioner:

This is the first option many addicts choose, and while it is a positive step it also has its drawbacks. From a positive viewpoint, your health practitioner will in all likelihood be aware of your medical history and know you personally.

They will be able to suggest a ‘tapering’ process which is designed to gradually reduce your drug intake, and they will have contacts with outpatient and inpatient drug rehab counselors and centres.

The potential downsides of this approach is that you will be subject to appointment only visits, meaning monitoring of your progress and how you are feeling will be irregular.

Just as importantly there is a strong possibility that you will still be circulating in the same environment that either caused, or has helped to increase your drug dependence.

Both factors give unwanted opportunities in terms of a relapse. After all, temptation will be everywhere. Those who supply your regular fix and those acquaintances who share similar habits will be within very easy reach.

Outpatient Rehab:

Yet another positive option with trained counselors and medical staff on hand to help monitor your condition whilst you are weaning yourself off your drug of choice. Many establishments for outpatients also provide ‘drop-in centres’ where you can seek advice and assistance.

The issues seen with such rehabilitation services are similar to those relating to the health practitioner route. There is also an added challenge in that many of these outpatient clinics are simply overrun with those requiring treatment and counselling.

Inpatient drug rehab programs:

This is by far the most focused, positive and desired route to help a person overcome their addiction issues. Here are just 4 reasons why.

Fully focused:

The initial period of withdrawal and recovery is an extremely vulnerable time for any addict. As you begin to reduce your intake you will be at the mercy of some fairly severe cravings, and many face challenging withdrawal symptoms.

This is the period where complete focus and attention is required. Well-established luxury rehab resorts certainly fit the bill in this respect.

Personalized care:

Once again, personalized care is vital in terms of getting, and keeping an addict in the right frame of mind, and for them to spend time in an environment that is distanced from everyday distractions.

Well-run drug rehab inpatient establishments cater for this through the highly qualified counselling, medical and support staff they employ.

They understand 100 pct. that individuals are just that; individual! Pre-agreed plans between you and your designated counsellor will be followed, goals will be set and targets achieved.

Routine is key as are rules:

Those with addiction problems need some purpose if they are to beat their dependence issues, and just as importantly stay clean for the long term.

Overseas rehab resorts provide the perfect environment where routines are kept and met, as are rules which need to be followed in order to achieve your goals.

These rules major on respecting yourself and others. They are rules that have been established to ensure you have the best chance of recovery and each one will clearly be explained and accepted before treatment begins.

Surely the costs of luxury rehab resorts are prohibitive?

This is a very common misapprehension. While private drug rehab clinics in your own country may appear out of reach, it is extremely important to understand that overseas rehab resorts, in particular those in South East Asia are extremely affordable.

In many cases the cost of inpatient treatment at such luxury rehab resorts is less than one third of the cost in your homeland.

It is also a fact that many people do not realise that this effective rehab treatment is covered under certain personal medical insurance policies.

Once again, professional overseas rehab establishments have staff that will help you to understand what type of policy you have and whether your policy qualifies you for treatment.

Do Not Consider – Take That Important First Step:

We started this piece stating consideration does nothing in terms of beating your addiction but action does.

Bearing this in mind, you should do yourself and your loved ones a huge favour. That is to contact a well-established overseas rehabilitation resort.

You will be pleasantly surprised how professional, friendly, effective and efficient they are. Just as crucially, waiting lists are minimal to non-existent, and that is exactly what your road to recovery and long term “clean” future need to hear.

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