Australians Seek the Darknet to Purchase Drugs

Australians Seek the Darknet to Purchase Drugs

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Australians Increase of Drug Usage

Australians are using more drugs than ever according to the UN World Drug Report of 2018. This is scary enough as a statistic, but what is more concerning is that the drugs are being purchased online using the Darknet. Both the range of drugs available and the markets in which they can be obtained is expanding and changing. No longer are dealers found on street corners and in dark alleyways. Now they can be found at a few clicks of the keyboard and drugs readily ordered to be shipped anywhere one desires. This makes fighting addiction nearly impossible as the web is accessible from almost anywhere in the world. This also brings about a new problem, not knowing exactly what one is receiving. This article will review not only what the Darknet is, but how to get help if someone you love is buying drugs and using them.

Australians Seek the Darknet to Purchase Drugs

What is Darknet?

The internet has become a baseline requirement for most individuals and businesses alike. This is a way to connect with those across the world, across the street, and often across the room. Whether you are checking your email, reading the news, or making purchases from digital stores, the internet is an integral part of life. Unfortunately, this has spilled over into illegal businesses as well with what’s called the Darknet. While this is not a new concept, it is one that is growing rapidly.

The Darknet, otherwise known as the deep web, consists of content that cannot be directly accessed via the surface web, what most people know as the internet. The dark web sites require credentials to log in, usually a registration of some type, because the activities are often fall from above board. That being said, some instances of the deep web are legal, like governmental databases, patient records, etc. Though for the purposes of this article the dark web focused on will be that used for the selling of illegal drugs.

Criminal prefer the Darknet because of anonymity. This makes sense because they are obviously committing an illegal act. The Darknet illegal activities tend to include things like:

  • Dealing drugs or other illegal substances in a black market format
  • Counterfeiters
  • Stolen information
  • Weapons
  • Hackers
  • Terrorists
  • Gamblers
  • Murderers or assassins
  • Explicit illegal material

Any one of these categories could lead to trouble, but the buying and selling of illegal drugs and pharmaceuticals is not only illegal, but dangerous.

Why use the Darknet?

Though anonymity is the prominent reason that people choose to buy drugs through the Darknet, there are others. One is that the drugs are often cheaper or unavailable in the area in which the addict lives. Another is the ability to keep the habit a secret as the drugs are delivered through the mail, though often to a different address or PO box. The final is a somewhat lessening of risk. If buying on the street a person risks being involved in violence, but ordering online can often make a person feel safer.

Just as there are reasons to buy online to feed a habit, there are reasons not to that addicts often overlook. The Darknet is illegal which should be cause enough, but other problems such as never being sure what you really received as far as purity and ingredients is also a concern. Another concern is that you must register which means your name is linked in some way and if discovered could mean jail time. Finally, Darknet sites are found and taken down often. If you pay for a purchase and the site disappears, there is no way to retrieve the money without signaling that you bought illegal substances.

Drug Use in Australia

As mentioned, drug use in Australia is on the rise, especially the non-medical use of prescription drugs. Since new laws have made it more difficult to gain access to strong, potentially addictive prescription medications, many people are turning to the Darknet. This may not initially be for an addiction, some people may have legitimate pain or simply be dependent on a medication they cannot readily obtain, but continued use of such substances, if that is what is even received, can easily lead to addiction.

Common Symptoms of Drug Use

If you are concerned that you or a loved one may be using drugs, obtained on the Darknet or otherwise, there are common symptoms that can point in that direction. These include:

  • Increased aggression and irritability
  • Personality and attitude changes
  • Depression and/or lethargy
  • Change in social media posts
  • Excessive computer use (Darknet use)
  • Bloodshot or glazed eyes
  • Weight changes (up or down)
  • Pupil extremes without reason
  • Unusual body odors
  • Poor hygiene
  • Sleep disturbances (increase or decrease)

Depending on the type and amount of the drug being used the symptoms may vary. Before assuming drugs are involved, it is often useful to seek medical help if only one or two signs are present to make sure they are not being caused by a medical problem. A doctor can also test for drugs in the system if necessary.

Seeking Help

If you or a loved one does in fact have an addiction or problem with drugs or alcohol then seek professional help. Addiction is a disease which means treatment can help. One of the best treatment facilities around is DARA. DARA has several locations that include Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland. DARA offers in-patient facilities for all types of addiction at affordable rates. The luxury type facility works with each individual to get into and stay on the road to recovery long term.

DARA treats the mind, body, and soul through healthy physical activities, nutrition, counseling, group therapy, and education. Learning about addiction in general can offer a person insight into their personal addictions. Group and individual counseling addresses common problems and personal issues for each person. Physical activities and proper nutrition are used to heal the body that is often suffering from extended drug use. By getting the body back into shape it can better heal and this will also positively affect the mind. DARA offers all this in a 6 to 12 week stay in a high-end resort style facility to get you or your loved one on the road to recovery. Call anytime, day or night to start on your journey to a better life.

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