Changing Your Mindset as Part of Recovery

Changing Your Mindset as Part of Recovery

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Recovery is all about change. The one thing you truly need to remember is that how you think is how you behave. This means if you behave like you have an addiction it may come out and cause a relapse, but changing your life so that you do not hang around with the same people and change your routine means you can overcome and move out of your addiction. There is only one way to start on this journey, one step at a time. You must look forward to the future and this is done with some pretty simple steps. While the steps are simplistic they can be overwhelming to undertake with all the other changes in recovery.

First you must set goals. These goals should be both measurable and attainable. This means that though the goals should be short term they should be something you need to put work into to achieve. This not only helps you work toward a goal, but to feel the accomplishment when that goal is met will propel you forward to meet other goals. Remember that we have full control of the choices we make and even if we have setbacks we need to choose to keep working toward our set goals. In fact, the biggest obstacle we face in life is our own minds. This leads to the second step.

The next step is to take control of your mind. Even if you are struggling and are facing obstacles, you need to work on finding a positive mindset. Taking a positive viewpoint can change how you achieve. As the old saying goes how you believe is how you achieve. Achievements are for those who never quit. You have goals and if you do not you can create goals that are worth achieving. Those who can overcome their mind can achieve anything.

So you now have some decisions to make.  What are your goals and dreams? What can you dare to dream about? Which goals will you allow yourself to set? In relation to recovery you must believe you have the power to stay clean and sober. One way to do this is to have self-efficacy. To build self-efficacy find someone who has achieved what you hope to achieve and model their behavior. Self-efficacy is simply believing that you can do what you set out to do in life. This is through small achievable goals. Additionally, find those who encourage you. This can be a support group, family, or any other form of supportive group you can find and maintain. Share your goals with them and share your achievements and set backs. Having these people on your side will help keep you moving forward, even when a setback occurs. You are able to achieve if you want to do so.

So now you must simply make up your mind and get started. If you are in recovery than you have already made one step. If you are considering recovery than you are on the verge of changing your life. Will you make the leap that is needed? You are in control.

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