Crystal Meth – Very Powerful, Extremely Addictive

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Meth is one of the many street names of Methamphetamine. Whatever your favourite name for this potent drug is, one thing should be made very, very clear. It is highly addictive.

What is it?

Methamphetamine is chemically similar to amphetamine and is generally sold as a white, non-smelling, bitter-tasting crystalline powder.

Choose How You Use This Poison:

Those who regularly use this drug will either swallow it, smoke it, snort it, or dissolve it in alcohol or water. Injecting or smoking it is the quickest brain delivery method.

What’s the ‘hit’?

It cannot, and should not be denied that this substance gives a cracking high. It offers immense, intense feelings of euphoria.

While this may intrigue many, it should also be noted that such feelings of pleasure fade quite quickly. The obvious solution to keeping this ‘high’ bubbling is to take more at fairly short intervals.

The ‘binge’ syndrome is something that regular meth users know only too well. One day melds into another and before the exhaustive crash calls, a weekend or longer has been lost.

As sure as night follows day dependence and addiction will follow:

Those who think they can dabble with ‘chalk’ and then leave it alone are treading a very dangerous tightrope.

This is because the drug works by increasing the amount of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a chemical that, amongst many things is responsible for feelings of reward, pleasure and well-being.

The problem is that your mind and body quickly build up a tolerance for the drug. This tolerance demands regular feeding, but NOT of the same amounts as previously used. To attain the same cracking high as the previous one the user needs to increase the dose.

A drug maze that is difficult to exit:

It goes without saying that as a user increases the amount and regularity of meth use that dependence and addiction follow quickly. Those who find they are stuck in this addiction rut MUST seek the assistance of professional inpatient rehab services.

Where do you turn?

Addiction is depressing, degrading and has to be addressed. While there may be a consideration that withdrawal can be achieved on your own, it must be understood that this is a route with a very low success ratio.

This is NOT because you are weak, it is because the hold that methamphetamine has on your mind and body is akin to a tightening vice.

This frightening grip and the subsequent severe cravings demand feeding. Without the assistance of professional inpatient rehab programs your chances of recovery will be greatly reduced.

A fresh start with bright horizons:

Let’s face it, those dependent upon meth, or any other highly addictive substance are not giving themselves a fighting chance of beating their addiction by remaining in their current sterile environment.

The proximity of dealers and like-minded users leave far too many distractions open to you. A quick phone call and ‘meet’ with your dealer will be arranged before you even think about it, a visit to your ‘friends’ who are similarly addicted will be a journey you can make in your sleep.

You need a brand new beginning:

Determination, resilience and desire are needed if you are serious about kicking your addiction. It is therefore eminently sensible that you also consider inpatient rehab treatment in an environment that is conducive to your recovery.

Such an environment awaits in a luxury rehab resort. These establishments are completely focused in terms of giving you the best care and treatment possible in what will undoubtedly be a very testing time of your life.

Here are just 3 major reasons why such a route will give you the best chance possible of coming to terms with, and then beating your meth addiction.


This may seem an unusual ‘advantage’ to start with, but the words ‘Luxury Rehab’ may leave some with a feeling that the cost of such a stay will be way above their means. This is most definitely NOT the case.

Indeed, there are two inpatient rehab resorts in Thailand that are two-thirds of the cost of similar establishments in western countries.

It should also be mentioned that certain personal health policies acknowledge the services provided by these overseas residential rehab establishments and have helpful staff who will help you ascertain whether your current health policy is valid for treatment.

Even if this is not the case, the actual cost of a stay is extremely affordable.

Minimal waiting lists:

When a person has taken the crucial first step of admitting to their drug or alcohol dependence prompt action is the order of the day.

Many western rehabilitation clinics are full and have waiting lists that stretch months ahead. The last thing an addict needs is to be told that help is available, but come back in 6 months. This is akin to a licence telling the addict to continue their habit.

Overseas rehab resorts are not subject to the same pressures in terms of demand. In the vast majority of cases these establishments will be able to accept a client within a couple of weeks from first contact.

Proven treatment methods and a track record of success:

The fully qualified western and local staff follow proven methods and use experienced councillors to help you overcome your meth addiction.

You will be staying in a calm, idyllic setting that is conducive to recovery. Yes, there will be a routine, and yes there will be pre-agreed rules that have to be followed, but these are there for a purpose. That purpose is to give the recovering addict the best possible chance of beating their addiction.

During a stay the client will participate in group and individual activities that include physical, psychological and spiritual sessions.

As they progress through recovery there will be 24/7 help and support available, along with constant advice and support as required.

The aim is that the client will leave the luxury rehab resort with a new, fresh mindset and be looking forward to continuing their treatment through one of the various outpatient programs offered.

Meth addiction can be beaten:

No one should think that beating such an addiction is a walk in the park, but this type of establishment is the perfect place to start your recovery.

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